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Breathlessness - Essay Example

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The aim of nursing science is to develop theories to describe, explain, and understand the nature of the phenomena, and anticipate the occurrence of phenomena, events, and situations related directly or indirectly to nursing care. Theory development can be accomplished by inductive or deductive processes or by a combination of both…
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Extract of sample "Breathlessness"

Download file to see previous pages Walker and Avant (1995) describe strategies of theory development that include both inductive and deductive processes. Analysis, synthesis, and derivation are applied to concepts, statements, and theories. Analysis is solely an inductive process, whereas synthesis and derivation can involve both inductive and deductive processes. Theories are also developed to provide nurses with the rationale and the guidelines for models of care to change unwanted aspects of phenomena as well as to support other aspects of phenomena. Theories thus provide the frameworks for nursing prescription as well. These emerging explanatory and perspective concepts of theories and their analyses would pose to reflect abstract representation of human beings to health and illness, to environments, to treatments, and to healthcare professionals. The concept analysis would also reveal the patterns how and under what conditions and within what contexts healthy and therapeutic relations develop in the health care system (Walker, L. & Avant, K., 1995, p 37).
This project will be evolving around the concept analysis of the phenomenon of breathlessness in clinical practice. This has relevance and relationship for community, society, and the clinical practice. ...
These are analysis of the concept that distinguishes between defining and irrelevant attributes of breathlessness by breaking this concept into simpler elements and considering similarities and differences. It will be determined by means of orderly examination, how useful, informative, and logically correct the statements are. The analytical framework will be applied to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the theory. This process will generate avenues to examine data from the perspective of new insights, and it would generate new ideas. The clinical experience and observation of the phenomena of breathlessness will explore the relationship between events and theory, and this could lead to the development of relationship statement. These empirical evidences can be collated to develop a theory. All these together would be called the phase of synthesis of the theory (Hanrahan, M., 2004, p. 19). In the next phase of derivation, new ways of thinking about breathlessness develops mainly based on relationships between phenomena, and they would lead to formulation of a new statement about breathlessness in the aspects where things are poorly understood in the current knowledge and practice. After this analysis, there would be unexplored areas where things would be poorly known, where materially no studies exist, and for which no theory exists. The ultimate aim of the concept analysis would be to explain and predict phenomena those are poorly understood (Walker, L. & Avant, K., 1995, p 37).
Breathlessness As a Concept: Breathlessness occurs whenever the work of breathing is excessive. Increased force generation is required of the respiratory muscles to produce a given volume change if the chest wall or lungs are less compliant or if resistance to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Physical activity and health: COPD

..., as the disease progresses, breathlessness ensues and it becomes the most predominant symptom. Along with breathlessness easy fatigability and exercise intolerance also develop making the life of the patient miserable. Breathlessness occurs because of the poor oxygenation and ventilation occurring mainly due to airflow obstruction and partly due to impaired mucus clearance. The degree of breathlessness can vary and it can be measured using The Medical Research Council (MRC) Dyspnea Scale (NICE, 2004). Some patients may present with wheezing, especially during exacerbations and exertion. As the disease progresses, the frequency of exacerbations increases, cyanosis...
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Care and management of chronic obstructive airways disease

...mortality and morbidity (GOLD, 2008). The most distressing symptom of COPD is breathlessness which is a progressive problem and the crux of treatment of COPD is management of breathlessness. Pathophysiology Understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease helps elaborate a good management plan. The most common cause of COPD is cigarette smoking. It develops in about 15 percent of chronic smokers (NICE, 2004). Thus, John developed COPD because of chronic smoking. Other risk factors for the development of COPD are air pollution especially due to solid cooking fuels, presence of airway hyperresponsiveness (Mosenifar, 2011). The characteristic pathophysiological changes in COPD are seen in the central...
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Patient education and prevention

...breathlessness in COPD patients. Breathing control techniques also help the patient cope with breathlessness. Adaptation of certain positions decreases oxygen consumption of the body and also increases ventilation-perfusion of the lungs, thus decreasing breathlessness. Patients must be advised to choose a position that makes them feel comfortable. While adopting such a position, the arms must be relaxed and supported. Clearance of sputum is essential to decrease the risk of recurrent infections of the chest, to allow easy breathing during exertion and to reduce cough. Chest clearance is done using active cycles of breathing and must be preferably done after inhaler therapy (ATS, 2004)....
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Non-Malignanat Palliative Care -Assignment 2

...of cigarette smokers (NICE, 2004). Many patients with COPD do not receive appropriate end-of0life care because of the unpredictable course of their disease (Deane, 2008). Along with these symptoms, patients with COPD have other co morbidities which need to be managed too (Deane, 2008). Though the clinical course of COPD is not predicable, end-of-life care is yet possible. In the last year of life, patients like James with COPD are likely to suffer from chronic dyspnea, low mood, weakness, easy fatiguibility and pain (Deane, 2008). COPD most commonly presents as acute infection of the lungs or cough that is productive. The disease is progressive and eventually, the patient develops breathlessness which, over the course of the disease...
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Treatment Plan for Severe Heart Failure and Diabetes

...deteriorate. It is imperative for him to take his situation seriously and consult with his physician on a regular basis, so that, if his health condition worsens, then it can be treated timely. This problem of breathlessness could also be early symptom of lung cancer, due to this possibility; Herbert’s complete physical is strongly recommended that will help in diagnosing any subtle diseases prevailing in his body. Government should also play its due role in saving this man’s life, because he is not in a good financial position, so it is the duty of federal agencies to pay his medical dues. In many cases breathlessness and hypertension are directly responsible for heart failure (Lavine & Gellman, 2002)....
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Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema Pathophysiology Research Paper

..., sputum may need to be sent for culture. Chest radiography may show signs of consolidation in case of infection. Spirometry does not have much role in the diagnosis and management of chronic bronchitis (GOLD, 2008). Before initiation of treatment in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it is very important to ascertain the severity of the disease. Important aspects to measure the severity of the disease are frequency of exacerbations, degree of airflow obstruction and prognostic factors like forced expiratory volume, degree of breathlessness, body mass index and exercise capacity. The goals of treatment in both chronic bronchitis and emphysema are relief of symptoms, prevention of progression of the disease, improvement...
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Nursing intervention Case Study

... and somnolent. EXPOSURE: Observe the skin colour and tone and look for signs of cyanosis, especially note color of the tongue and oral mucous membranes. Central cyanosis of the tongue and oral mucosa is indicative of serious hypoxia and is a medical emergency. Peripheral cyanosis in the extremities may or may not be serious (Carpenter, 1993). INTERVENTION AND RATIONALES: Ask the patient when and how the breathing started to get worse because breathlessness of sudden onset (seconds or minutes) has different causes (eg. pulmonary embolus) to those that built up over days or longer (eg. Pleural effusion). If the patient presents with unilateral lung disease, alternate semi-Fowler's position with a lateral position (with 10- to 15-degree...
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The Users Experience of Critical Situations or Metal Psychiatric Medical Emergencies

... further on. Nature of the crisis While there are several metaanalysis available in the literature which reveal that for patients with severely debilitating psychiatric conditions there are several specific symptoms with a weak biological basis that appear to be ignored. Some more common found symptoms that are generic across a range of cancers are, harsh inspiratory wheezing or stridor, pleural and chest wall pain and not to say the least-breathlessness. Breathlessness in particular has in recent years been the subject of extensive investigation since it is increasing being noted that it is severely distressing for patients with psychiatric conditions. Breathlessness Breathlessness has both biological and a-biological aspects, and can...
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The managerment of breathlessness in patients with COPD

... is management of breathlessness which will be elaborated in this assignment. COPD COPD is defined as "a disease state characterized by the presence of airflow obstruction due to chronic bronchitis or emphysema" (Sharma, 2006). Clinically, chronic bronchitis is defined as the presence of chronic cough with no other etiology and which is productive for at least 3 months during each of the two consecutive years. Emphysema is damage of the air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles, the damage being irreversible, abnormal and associated with destruction of the air space walls with no obvious fibrosis (Fromer and Cooper, 2008). The global prevalence of COPD is about 7.5% of which 6.4% is due to chronic bronchitis and only 1.8% due...
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Applied Studies In Professional Nursing Practice

...dult patient will be done to meet the goals for the improvement of analytical thinking skills such as being able to identify problems that might arise, being aware to new or different ideas, and anticipating the consequences of one’s actions. Case Scenario 60 year old Mr.X was brought to the out patient department with cough and easy fatiguibility on and off since 6 months, breathlessness since 2 months and worsening of breathlessness since 2 days. He was accompanied by his wife and son. Mr. X, a retired teacher, was a chronic smoker. He was a known patient of hypertension and appeared obese. He used to exercise regularly until 6 months prior to coming to hospital, when he developed exercise induced cough and breathlessness which...
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Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

... or radiotherapy. Advantages of complementary therapy: It can help patients feel better and improve their quality of life It improves general heath of patients It gives patients a sense of control over what is happening to them It reduces stress, tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and makes patients feel more relaxed. It helps to reduce the symptoms of cancer, such as pain, feeling sick, breathlessness, constipation, diarrhoea, tiredness and poor appetite It helps to reduce some of the side effects of cancer treatment Patients claim that complementary therapy does a better job than conventional medicine of meeting their emotional needs and respecting their religious and cultural beliefs. [29] Disadvantages: There may...
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Occupational Health and Safety Session Long Programs

...sponsible for as many as 3000 deaths annually from lung cancer, and the Surgeon General, US has estimated that a non smoker’s chances of developing cancer is increased 20-30 percent by living with a smoker. It has been suggested that secondhand smoke can increase risk of developing diseases, such as breast cancer, nasal sinus cavity cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma and brain tumours. Other health effects include irritation of the airways, adverse effects on a person’s heart and blood vessels, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, colds, pneumonia, coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, and/or ear infections. Even low levels of secondhand smoke have been...
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The Respiratory System as One of the Most Important Systems of the Human Body: the Treatment Options

... important diseases related to the respiratory system and the best available treatment. It is advised to all that the maximal functioning of the respiratory system is very important for leading a very healthy and proper life. Smoking is hazardous to health and it can not only harm you but others as well who inhale its smoke. Severe cough and breathlessness should not be looked down upon because they can progress to chronic diseases which decrease the efficiency of the respiratory system so patients are advised to go through proper check ups right on time. Distress of the respiratory system can be lethal and much research has been done in this regard to identify the causes as well as the treatment for these diseases. This research should...
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Topical Issues of Medicine and Pharmacology

...lele is high in the African American and Asian populations (?33% and ?51% respectively), clopidogrel resistance is particularly important in these populations. Those with the CYP2C19 allele would benefit more from an antiplatelet regimen that does not include clopidogrel, such as ticagrelor, third-generation tienopyridine prasugrel and cangrelor. (Shuldiner et al. p. 857). Question 5a Why might chronic heart failure result in breathlessness? Shortness of breath occurs when the failure occurs in the large chamber on the left side of the heart, which causes blood to back up into the lungs, which causes the lung to fill up with fluid. This causes shortness of breath and fatigue. (Trelogan 2000, p. 1). Question 5b Why might...
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The Pathophysiology of the Heart Failure

.... The last step in the care plan is evaluation. The evaluation must be done in two ways. First one is the evaluation of entire care plan and the second one is the evaluation of improvement of the patient. Care plan for Dyspnea: 1. Medication: The tiredness and shortness in breathing of Mr. Bert is caused by the heart failure. But now Herberts condition has been reclassified as Class 111 Heart Failure. 1. “A review to assess the effectiveness of opioids in these patients found a small but statistically significant positive effect when opioids were administered orally or subcutaneously” (Jennings et al). The morphine is an effective medicine to treat the breathlessness. “Oral morphine 2-2.5 mg prn if opioid naive. This dose can be repeated...
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Cardiac Exercise Prescription, Referral & Rehabilitation

... exercise capacity. The individuals should aim to be physically active for atleast 20-30 minutes a day to the point of slight breathlessness (NICE guidelines). This stage should be attained step by step. Home training programme can be initiated after the initial supervision phase. This consists of instructions for exercise to be performed at home 3 to 5 times a week as discussed in the above section. Psychosocial support: Peter will be advised appropriate diet based on the traditional eating habits of the individual and the family. In other words, individualized advice will be given for daily diet, keeping in mind the requirements of the whole family. Peter will be advised not to take supplements containing beta-carotene, folic...
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Chronic Respiratory Disease

.... For purposes of this essay, these two terms shall be used to refer to the same disease afflicting the patient. This disease is mostly known for symptoms like breathlessness, excessive sputum production, as well as a cough which persists for more than 2 weeks. It is potentially life threatening when untreated and unmanaged. COPD gets worse over time and can cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing (National Heart Lung Blood Institute, 2010). Many smokers and former smokers are liable to be afflicted with COPD, and other irritants, including air pollution, chemical fumes, and dust may also lead to COPD. As described further by the National Heart Lung Blood Institute (2010), normally, the air enters the lungs through...
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Kilimanjaro a Trekking Guide to Africas Highest Mountain

...acute mountain sickness. AMS is accompanied by nausea, headache, difficulty in breathing, poor sleep and vomiting (2). AMS is often observed when persons reach a height of 12000 ft. It is caused mainly due to fast ascend and not taking sufficient precaution in drinking water. Hence, while taking medication, it is also important to walk slowly while climbing up. Mental and physical fitness becomes crucial to counter the effects of AMS. AMS, if not treated immediately, could lead to serious conditions of HAPE and HACE (West, 2004). HAPE or high altitude pulmonary oedema can lead to death if person is not immediately brought down to lower height. Breathlessness with cough and blood in sputum requires immediate attention and needs to be...
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Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

.... PM10’s source is through dust, fume, and dirt from factory, industrial road and farming (Airinfonow, 2012). Health effect PM2.5 can enter the human body through nose or mouth. People who do exercise, tend to breathe heavily and so allowing particles to enter deeply in their bodies. In an unhealthy atmosphere, people who are asthmatic should limit their outdoor exertion. PM2.5 is dangerous for lungs, they are made up of elements that are toxic and they are considered to be among those heavy metals and organic compounds that cause cancer.PM2.5 can be hazardous as compared to PM10. Exposure to PM2.5 can cause coughing, breathlessness, asthma, damage to lungs and premature deaths to those who have a history of lungs infected diseases...
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