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Alcohol Abuse - Essay Example

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An increase in the alcohol consumption has been a major concern for most of the societies due to the health implications that abuse of this drug causes. Most youths do take in a lot of alcohol from very tender ages in their lives and continue doing so well into their adulthood…
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Alcohol Abuse
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Extract of sample "Alcohol Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages In this light, it is quite evident that abuse of alcohol greatly challenges the efforts of the community health and social care in their attempts to foster creation of communities of people who are free from the negative effects of alcoholism. This paper undertakes to discuss the how the abuse of alcohol may impact on the study and the attempts to better the health of the members of a given community, in this case Scotland; and the deliberate steps taken to assist the members of the society who are vulnerable at any one stage of their lives. The approach will base its arguments and strength from the already identified points of Scottish national policies on alcohol intake and a discussion on the influence alcohol has on the general health on the lifespan of the Scottish people. I will also undertake to suggest the services available for the sake of addressing the health requirements and their relevance to the nursing practice.
The greatest number of people who receive attention in the making of the Scottish alcohol policies is the small group of the heaviest drinkers yet there is the need to reach out to all the drinkers due to the acute potential effects of a one time off excessive drinking spree. This means that the risk of harming oneself is not necessarily confined to the heavy drinkers only but also to any one person who takes alcohol. Thus the following policies on alcohol have been put into place to regulate the intake of alcohol and ensure the correct measures are taken in by the public (Room 2005p39).
A new legislation has been put into place requiring the local licensing board to put into consideration the protection and the improvement of the health of the public when called upon to grant or to review licences. This clause came into operation only this year (2009) and it is meant to close any form of gap that may exist in the provision of the public rights to take alcohol at ones own discretion and the risks these rights may pose in regard to the health of the individuals.
This legislation also prohibits irresponsible promotion of alcoholic drinks in all the areas they are sold for example the restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs that will led to the outlaw of various promotions that encouraged excessive drinking of the alcoholic drinks before. This legislation requires the retailers to set aside display sections for alcoholic products.
The Scottish government is still considering the possibility of extending the requirements of the legislation on licensing that is banning the promotions of irresponsible drinks to extend to the supermarkets. This legislation is also checking out how the possibility of incorporating a polluter pays rule in the licensing.
Influences of alcohol on health across the lifespan
The health problems that the alcohol is known to cause within the body of the persons who uses it cannot be ignored. Statistics has it that there are approximately 60 kinds of diseases that are linked to alcohol consumption due to the harmful effect it has on the body (Lanarkshire 2009).
At the same time, a number of injuries have occasionally been linked to the consumption of alcohol e.g. the great number of the road accidents that are caused under the influence of the alcohol most of which turn ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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