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Patient Care - Essay Example

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The issue with ethics and medicine is a very interesting one - you have to get wet to take a bath! The patient is probably the most susceptible and vulnerable of the beings created. Physically on the defensive, he has come to the physician to seek for treatment for his ailing health…
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Patient Care
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Download file to see previous pages The importance of ancillary health services, including paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists cannot be overemphasized in the least. Not long ago, it was even a sin to touch the human body; especially the opposite gender. It was just speculation as to what system exists within the human self. Then was the other extreme of the spectrum wherein excruciating methodologies (which were painful and often fatal) were employed to extract the secrets of physiology. But in contemporary times, medical care is fortunately much more intensified and complex. So much so, that it has to be admitted beyond an iota of doubt the doctor alone cannot sustain the treatment proceedings. It is only with the help of these fellow professionals that the saintly task of curing the ill can be performed. However, being in a multifaceted environment has its own challenging dynamics for the patient. Examples elucidating such experiences shall be narrated hereunder, but with the obvious ethical concern of maintaining the identity of the patient confidential. This again, is one of the issues that comes in the post-rehabilitation phase of effective patient care, that information concerning his/her treatment should not be made public without prior consent.
While a health-care provider is offering a service, he should be wary of the ethnic, religious and gender concerns of the patient. Because ultimately, the former has to realize that his final goal is to provide patient care. And if he does not care for the patient, then, in affect, patient care has suffered. Perspectives shall always be different in ethics. The cause of the patient care, however, shall be eternally consistent. Interestingly, in a prolonged treatment module, one can appreciate that the patient ultimately spends less time with the doctor, and more time with the ancillary health-care professionals. Henceforth, it becomes all the more essential for them to realize and identify with the needs of the patient.
A very comprehensive yet lucid representation of guidelines for nursing practitioners (NMC code of professional conduct, 2004, p. 3) states precisely guidelines on the same lines: "A registered nurse in caring for patients and clients must: respect the patient or client as an individual, obtain consent before you give any treatment or care, protect confidential information, co-operate with others in the team" This clearly goes on to show the emphasis that is laid upon the teaching and training of nurses from the grass-root level. Worth noting are also the factors of 'confidentiality' and 'co-operating with others in the team'. Though a nurse may be professionally quite capable, but unless the feelings of the patient are appropriately empathized with, provisioning of effective health care may be seriously hampered.
Not surprisingly, congruent to this is the stance of physiotherapists. In an equally respected brochure by the 'Chartered Society of Physiotherapists', it is stated: "Physiotherapists agree common goals with the patient, multi-disciplinary team and wider care-givers and family" (Core Standards of Physiotherapy Practice, 2005, p. 33). Mutual co-operation for the one cause ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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