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Diabetes Foot Care - Essay Example

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It is stated, that foot ulcers and amputations often become the major reason for morbidity and emotional/ psychological stresses for people experiencing these problems in combination and as a result of the improper foot care during diabetes. The significance of the problem lies not only in the fact that its proper management will lead to the decrease in morbidity in general, but will allow to increase the quality of life for people with diabetes as well as to prevent amputations…
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Diabetes Foot Care
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Download file to see previous pages For the patients who have diabetes for more than 10 years, especially among male patients with poor glucose control, are at risk of foot ulcers and should be properly controlled by physicians for the prevention of the undesirable consequences. Among the highest risks for foot ulcers the following can be named:
This is why the significance of the problem with foot care among patients with diabetes and understanding the risk factors with possible solutions for each specific problem will allow preventing serious medical intervention with the diabetes patients and giving them the chance for living quality life.
A number of literary sources provide the specific guidelines for managing the foot problems with diabetes patients and should be reviewed for the aims of the present clinical course paper. Lavery et al (2007) have provided the results of their project in relation to the foot ulceration management among patients with diagnosed diabetes. ...
The purpose of the project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the temperature monitoring instrument for reducing the incidence of foot ulceration among diabetes patients, who are at risk of the extremity complications. The investigation of the project has been performed through the group of 173 subjects, and it was stated that simple temperature monitoring, which can be performed even at home, has led to the positive results of better diabetes management and lower risks of ulcerations. The subjects of the investigation were working with the infrared skin thermometer, measuring the temperature of the skin foot every day. In case the difference in temperature was higher than the recommended one, the patients were asked to contact their nurse immediately. However, it is stated that through the existing limitations of the study, as well as the possible issues preventing the diabetes patient from measuring the temperature regularly, this method may appear less effective than stated in the project; however, the authors of the project are still sure that 'infrared temperature home monitoring in serving as an 'early warning sign', appears to be a simple and useful adjunct in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcerations'. (Lavery et al, 2007).
It is necessary to understand, that foot self-care among diabetes patients is connected with certain cognitive and emotional factors, which Vileykite et al (2006) were investigating in their research. The aim of their research project was to develop and to validate a self-report instrument to assess patients' cognitive and emotional representations of neuropathy influencing foot self-care. They have come to the conclusion, that the development of instruments which would allow the patient assessing possible negative effects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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