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Medical microbiology practical report - Essay Example

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Microbiology report First name Surname Registration number Introduction Definition of terms and abbreviations: DST-diagnostic sensitivity test, MSU-mid stream urine, Antibiotic-this is a chemical agent that kills or inhibits bacterial growth. UTI- Urinary tract infection, AST-antibiotic sensitivity test, Trimethoprim (W), Ampicillin (AMP), Gentamicin (CN), Colistin (CT), Chloramphenicol (C), Ciprofloxacin (CIP), PCR-polymerase chain reaction, MIC-minimum inhibitory concentration, S-sensitive, I-immediately sensitive, R-resistant…
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Medical microbiology practical report
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Extract of sample "Medical microbiology practical report"

Download file to see previous pages They affect the female gender more than the male gender and are mostly caused by normal microbial flora inoculated into/unto the urogenital mucosa. Methods The collection and division of urine samples was done by the asceptic method ensuring that there was no external contamination. The urine used was the mid -stream urine free of urethral bacterial contamination, otherwise known as Clean catch mid-stream urine (CCMSU). The study of the samples was divided into 4 parts; 1) Examination of samples: macroscopic and microscopic examinations were done. Macroscopic examination was done by viewing the sample using naked eyes. This was for presence of blood stains, opacity/ turbidity, colour and particulates. Microscopic exam was done to establish presence of WBCs and RBCs. 2) Isolation and culture of pathogens; CLED agar was used for the culture. The samples were incubated at 37 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. The bacterial colonies were examined and identified by colony morphology (size, shape, colour, pattern, height, texture) 3) Identification of the bacteria present. Gram stain was the preferred stain. Gram stain procedure: inoculate a slide with a sterile loop. A thin homogenous smear is preferred for proper and easy staining. Dry the slides and ensure proper fixation. Flood the slides with Chrystal violet and wait for 30 seconds. Proceed to flood with lugol’s iodine solution and set aside for another 30 seconds. Wash off using iodine acetone. Wash with running water afterwards and counterstain with Safranin of carbol fuschin. Wash with running water for a second time. Proceed to microscopy for identification of individual bacterial strains. Gram positive= blue, gram negative=red Further methods of bacterial strain classifications were done. These were more specific for certain bacterial strains. They included; 1) THE API20E and ROCHE ENTEROTUBE II 2) CARBOHYDRATES (F/O/-) 3) GLUCOSE (ACID) 4) OXIDASE TEST 5) CATALASE TEST 6) GROWTH IN AIR/GROWTH ANAEROBICALLY 7) MOTILITY 8) ACID FAST STAIN 9) ZIEHL NEELSEN The identification of the bacterial strains was then followed by antibiotic sensitivity tests. Three methods were used 1) Stokes method 2) Tube dilution method 3) Using the E-test strip. Results Table 1: Graph of antibiotic sensitivity values The graph is a graph of antibiotic sensitivities by values of test radii. The y-axis thus represents the sensitivity of samples thus giving an idea of the antibiotic efficacy across the multiple test bacteria. By inference, ciprofloxacin has the highest efficacy, while Colistin has the lowest. Across the x-axis, the individual sensitivity values of the antibiotics are represented as color coded portions (refer to graph legend). It can therefore be seen that the bacteria in MSU 1 and 4 have the highest sensitivities, while those in MSU 3 and 6 have the lowest. By inference, the bacteria in MSU 3 and 6 are more resilient and likely more pathogenic than those in MSU 1 and 4. They are thus more likely to exhibit antibiotic resistance if not well monitored and subjected to thorough antibiotic chemotherapy. MSU 2 does not appear, as the antibiotic sensit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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