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The Effects of Extreme Isolation Induced by Bullying - Research Paper Example

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no. Date The effects of extreme isolation induced by bullying Thesis The act of bullying causes serious mental problems to victims. Bullied people often feel insecure and unworthy of belonging to social groups, thus many end up isolated from social activities…
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The Effects of Extreme Isolation Induced by Bullying
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Extreme Isolation Induced by Bullying"

Download file to see previous pages This often leads to extreme isolation, a psychological condition in which a bullied person totally avoids interacting with other people and always keeps to themselves. Accordingly, this paper aims at analyzing how bullying induces extreme isolation, and the effects of this isolation on an individual. Introduction Bullying is the act of persistently abusing, intimidating, insulting, and sometimes causing physical harm to someone, thus causing them to feel humiliated and embarrassed. Bullying exists in several areas, for example, in schools, at the workplace, and most recently, over the internet, through cyber bullying. In bullying, the bully is usually the stronger person, physically or otherwise, while the bullied is the weaker party. According to Kids Health, bullies often isolate their victim from target groups, for example, by separating them from their colleagues, excluding them from group activities, ignoring them, and marginalizing their status in the group. As a result of extreme isolation, the bullied person suffers a lot of psychological harm resulting in conditions such depression, anxiety, despair, and even suicide (Newman, Holden & Delville 344). Extreme isolation refers to the process by which bullied people keep their feelings to themselves and do not reach out to other for help on how to deal with bullying. Review of literature Bullying causes untold psychological torture on a victim. According to Newman, Holden & Delville, bullying acts a chronic stressor, whose outcomes are termed as the responses to a traumatic experience (344). As a result, a bullied person will use a number of strategies, both negative and positive, to cope with the stress of being bullied. On the negative spectrum, social isolation is one of the worst coping strategies that a bullied person can adopt. Unfortunately, according to the WHO, social isolation is the most common behavioral response that bullied people exhibit, whereby these victims start avoiding social meetings and have difficulties forging relationships with others (16-20). Bullies target everyone at first, yet the way that a targeted person responds to the bully determines whether the bullying stops or continues. Those targets who exhibit extreme fear and anxiety towards the bully are the ones who become the chronic victims (House of Commons 112). According to Kids Health, people abused by their peers have higher chances of developing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Social isolation, according to the NIMH, contributes high death rates among bullied people. According to Rigby, extremely isolated and bullied people begin to nurture suicidal thoughts, sometimes leading to actual suicide (116). Method Participants I mostly conducted research on my friends and family, although I incorporated the response of a few strangers who were willing to respond. I interviewed a total of 15 people, 10 of them males and 5 females. Of the 15 participants, 2 were in elementary school, 3 were in high school, and 5 were in college, while the remaining five were working adults. Data collection In conducting this research, I mostly relied on qualitative methods such as interviews and questionnaires. In this respect, I interviewed and distributed questionnaires to the participants asking them questions on their experiences and reactions to bullying. Basically, during the interviews I asked the participants question ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effects of Extreme Isolation Induced by Bullying Research Paper.
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