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Norcantharidin and analogues: synthesis and biological use as potential anticancer agents - Essay Example

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Norcantharidin and analogues: Anticancer Agents Author Name: Institution: Course: Date: Norcantharidin and analogues: Anticancer Agents Cancer is a leading killer in the world, since it has no cure. Many of the therapies used in the past only serve as short term cures…
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Norcantharidin and analogues: synthesis and biological use as potential anticancer agents
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Extract of sample "Norcantharidin and analogues: synthesis and biological use as potential anticancer agents"

Download file to see previous pages This has led researchers to create anti-cancer agents that take the structure of cancer, which will manage to structurally match the cancer agents and kill them in the process (Wang, et al, 2010). This paper reviews Norcantharidin and analogues: Anticancer Agents. Origin of Norcantharidin Concept The origin and development of Norcantharidin as an anticancer agent is from traditional medicine “Cantharididn”. In herbal medicine it is one of the forms of the medicines the people used in the past to treat warts and other diseases. This medicine was popular in China and Vietnam. Canthariding inhibits protein phosphates 1 and 2A (PP1 and PP2A). It is a scedaretion of the blister beetle, which many refer to as ‘Spanish fly’, commonly used in traditional medicine to treat Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV) and warts. It is believed that this medicine also helped control the effects of cancer. Researchers used a combination of genomic and post genomic methods to identify genes affecting resistance and sensitivity of Cantharidin. Their findings made them want to explore their study further since the drug was not found to have any multidrug resistance phenotype. This made it a possible drug to use in treating refractory tumour This marked the beginning of the synthesis of the drug and its biological development to make an anticancer agent from it. ...
Cantharidin as an herbal medicine that did not show any signs of possible drug resistance was the best shot for health specialists in the fight against cancer. Like many herbal medicines it does not have any serious side effects on its users. Through molecular biology the drug has been enhanced to form what is now referred to as “Norcantharidin”. Structure In an attempt to treat cancer doctors have combined a series of proteins and phosphates and formed what they refer to as Norcantharidin called analogues. Analogues refer to proteins and other things with a structure almost similar to cancer. Several studies have been carried out to develop this in the recent years, and there have been reports of possible success. A study has found out that there exist several norcantharidin analogues that limit the functions of protein phospahatase 1 and 2A (Hill, et al, 2008). As a sort of anticancer agent, norcantharidin has been used to treat human cancers in China and other places since 1984 (Hill, et al, 2008; Thaqi, et al., 2010). In an attempt to increase the anticancer activity, a series of norcantharidin analogues has been synthesized and evaluated in anticancer activities recently (Thaqi, et al., 2010). The protein phosphatases are the ubiquitous enzymes that regulate many crucial biological functions. Of the serine-threonine phosphatases, two of the most prevalent are PP1 and PP2A (Wang, et al, 2010). So as to develop potential anticancer agents and investigate the anticancer mechanism of these compounds, the inhibitory activities of PP1 and PP2A of norcantharidin analogues have been studied as well (Liu & Chen, 2009). Interestingly, the ability of norcantharidin analogues to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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