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Personal Health Status and Behavioral Changes Name Institution Personal Health Status and Behavioral Changes An optimal health status is a state of wellbeing in five dimensions that include physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. My health status in respect to the dimensions mentioned above is fine…
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Personal Health Status and Behavioral Changes
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"Personal Health Status and Behavioral Changes"

Download file to see previous pages I also have a purpose that makes me peaceful. I participate in games and attend meetings that aim at improving health. I also interact with various people in an appropriate and beneficial manner. I usually endeavor to associate with friends in a beneficial manner. I am also motivated when performing my duties or addressing others. Consequently, I can affirm that I am socially fit. Due to my spiritual and social healthy status, I am emotionally health. I am also intellectually healthy because I can understand scientific arguments and trace their relevance in human society within new fields that I am yet to explore. I perform above average in my studies and can discern reality from imaginary things. However, I would like to exercise more in my life. Additionally, I intend to understand humanity and empathize with people who are unable to meet their basic goals in life. Factors affecting my current health status Eating habits and exercises Eating habits may influence one’s physical health either positively or negatively. Physical health eventually affects mental health as evident in emotions, psychology and intellect (NCBI, 2010). It is worth stating that students prefer eating foods that are rich in sugars. Food outlets within the university sell these kinds of foods. Individuals have limited time for physical exercises especially due to a rigorous school timetable. This can easily lead to obesity (WHO, 2012). Personal image may change after interacting with new friends. Change in personal image may contribute towards increased levels of stress. It is necessary to avoid consumption of unhealthy food, but instead focus on balanced diets. Exercises are vital in maintaining physical, mental and psychological health (Donatelle, 2012). It is necessary to manage time in an appropriate manner in order to exercise. It is worth noting that exercise is a controllable health factor because one may choose to exercise by jogging a few kilometers twice or thrice a week. It is also likely that one may neglect the activity altogether. However, a study timetable may be inflexible leading to feelings of mental exhaustion and need for rest making it uncontrollable. Motivation Failure to recognize one’s purpose can lead to stressful situations that compromise mental health (Casellas & Casado, 2011). The continuous school program sometimes leads to exhaustion, stress and depression. A good example is the time before and during exam period. Students study exhaustively because they fear that they will fail. Consequently, lack of motivation leads to depression that compromises one’s mental wellness. Motivation is a controllable factor because peer counseling and participating in other activities can distract the mind helping one to become motivated. Secondly, one must constantly remind himself of his or her agenda to maintain motivation. Financial factors It is necessary to attain financial stability in order to meet mental and spiritual needs (Donatelle, 2012). The absence of money makes it difficult for one to visit a cinema or other recreational events that enhance spiritual or mental health. Finance can be either controllable or uncontrollable. It is controllable if one manages to ignore possible lack of funds and find a new way of getting money. However, it is uncontrollable when it becomes difficult to meet basic needs especially when one lacks the money to purchase necessary provisions. Physical environment The environment directly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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