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The Function Of Dreams - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze the most effective definition of dreams and brightly stresses that a dream is a succession of thoughts, emotions, or images passed through a person’s mind during sleep. …
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The Function Of Dreams
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Extract of sample "The Function Of Dreams"

Download file to see previous pages In this play, Shakespeare shows that dreams have the power to transform things of events(Garber 67). For instance, he reverses the categories of illusion and reality, walking and sleeping, art and nature in order to reveal the central theme of dreams. In this play, dreams also appear truer than reality giving them the transformative power. The fertile, unbound realm of imagination is inhabited by dreams. Similarly, dreams in Midsummer Night’s Dream create a distinction between the fairies and the ordinary humans. Unfortunately, once the ordinary humans are in the fairy realm through, these fairies take control over them and manipulate, and mock lovers by making fool of them since in fairy such thing as love or feelings does not exist. For instance, the Athenian lovers enter a charmed dream when they flee into the woods and fall asleep there. In turn, the fairies take over their world in ways that they would not imagine. Though the dreams turn out true, they are created to appear fruitless. This marks the beginning of illusion for ordinary humans especially those without real self-knowledge, and the only way to attain self-knowledge is to know the dimension of dreams in one’s life are dream Another significant role that dreams play in human lives as witnessed Midsummer Night’s Dream is that dreams functions as a safe haven where lovers can escape to and enjoy being together in their own world. The ordinary humans live in a world where matters of love present quite a complication as those who are in love have their love opposed by parents or other people in authority. Therefore, expression of love is impossible among some characters, but once they get into dream world they are able to freely express their...
This paper stresses that dreams block the perception of humans from reality, and thus, they paly an imperative role in life. The dream, therefore, separates the reality from the fantasy world. In this play, Shakespeare shows that dreams have the power to transform things of events(Garber 67). For instance, he reverses the categories of illusion and reality, walking and sleeping, art and nature in order to reveal the central theme of dreams.
Indeed dream is a complicated concept that no one understands fully its dynamics. Literary works feature the use of dream in order to enhance several things in the play. For example, Shakespeare in the Midsummer Night’s Dream illustrates supernatural powers of fairies realm with dreams. In this case, he even suggests that dreams have the capacity to transform situations and individuals. One common thing in the dreams in Romeo and Juliet and Midsummers Night’s Dream is that they represent illusions or unconscious mind by blocking out the reasoning mind. In Midsummer Night’s Dream, dreams represent the distinction between the fairy world and the real world, and a chance to escape the realities of ordinary world and experience fantasy of the world of imagination. On the other hand, in Romeo and Juliet, dreams reveal the future undertakings of a person. For example, Romeo dreams that she is dead, and eventually towards the end of the play, he dies. In his plays, Shakespeare recreates an environment to allow characters experience what is unachievable in the real world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Function Of Dreams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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