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Working with HL7 Version 2.x Messages - Assignment Example

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Name Subject Date Working with HL7 Version 2.x Messages HL7 Version 2.x is a unique messaging system that follows a distinct protocol in the coding and decoding of patient information…
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Working with HL7 Version 2.x Messages
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Download file to see previous pages A special software programs the codes and outputs the relevant information, which is easily interpreted by the health practitioners. Provided below is an analysis of how this messaging strategy is used with examples of interpreted samples, compiled samples and a general view on its significance as an information tool in a health setting. Task 1 This involves the validation of a HL7 Version 2.x message provided. Taking Msg03 - ADT_A03 Discharge as the reference sample, it exudes all the good properties of a discharge compilation except for a few structural errors which distorts the way information is displayed. The following are the sections of the sample with structural errors and a brief explanation on how they are corrected; 1. MSH|^~\- This is registered as an invalid segment lacking the message control ID. 2. EVN|A03|20081105100400|||T123456^Test^- This clause is registered as an invalid segment because the data type was not declared, it can be corrected by declaring the data type used. 3. PID|1|12345678^^^HVMRN^MRN|12345678^^^HVMRN^MRN|9111111111- The PID segment contains patient identification details which would probably include more than two or three data types, therefore they have to be defined before the message is written along the clause. Task 2 MSH|^~\&|HIS|NRGAC|LABSYSTEM|CHR|20060529100901||ADT^A01|Q1451567230T129245693X2008110510034131|P|2.3EVN|A01|20081105100200|||T123456^Test^Tester^^^^^^COPSE^Personnel^^^EIPID|1|12345678^^^HVMRN^MRN|12345678^^^HVMRN^MRN|9111111111^^^BCHCNAP^PHN|Pmcert^Testone^Barry^^^^Current||19711123|F|Pmcert^Testone^Barry^^^^Previous~Pmcert^Kleinsample^^^^^Preferred||777 7thAve^^Victoria^BC^V8T1Z8^CA^HOME~10thAve^^Birmingham^BC^V8Y3J9^CA^PREV||(250)866-8999^HOME~(250)-444-1237^ALT~(000)000-0000^TEM|(001)578-6056^BUS|||AN|92003717068^^^CHREN|||||||0|YZPI|1|||||||^||^^||||||||||BCENK1|1|Pmcert^Marth^^^^^Current|SI10thAve^^Vancouver^BC^V8Y3T9^CA|(250)866-6689|(250)366-8999^^^^^^^3678|NEXT OF KINNK1|2|^^^^^Current|HU|100thAve^^Birmingham^BC^V8Y3J9^CA|(250)777-9999||EMERPV1|1|IN|FL1^389^1^NRG^^BED^NRGA||||0000008888^Winn^Edward^Petr^^^^^PBN^Personnel^^^DOCUPIN^CHR|||MED||||HOME|||0000008888^Winn^Edward^Peter^^^^^PBN^Personnel^^^DOCUPIN^CHR|ACUT|0123456781020^^^VSN|BCRES|||||||||||||||||||NRG||AC||ACT|20081105100200AL1|1|DR|##NOMEN##,AL1,ceStruct,allergy,400936,856952^NKA^ALLERGYGT1|1||Pmcert^Willisam^^^^^Current||10th Ave^^Birmingham^BC^V8Y3J9^CA^HOME|(250)777-10^HOME||||DE|HU Task 3 HL7 V2 is generally a set of electronic data depicting a health standard to be used by health practitioners in the exchange of clinical data within the healthcare system. It is mainly a set of standard logical formats transmitted between two or more computers depending on the structure of the health ecosystem. This messaging system is designed to use a central patient care system and various health databases in different entities of the same health facility. It was originally developed as an Application Protocol for Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare settings. This system has many advantages owing to its simplicity for its users, its flexibility enables it to be synchronized with other simpler and commonly used interfaces in the health sector globally, it also embeds an update system that avails a platform for correction of substandard samples to better information blocs. Moreover, this system is relatively cheaper owing to its reduced implementation costs, additionally, protocols can be traced and reconfigured. The importance and significance of this information system to healthcare managers is undisputable given the advantages attached to its features. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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