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Grief Holistic Approach - Essay Example

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In the paper “Grief – Holistic Approach” the author analyzes the reason of grief or the effect of the same, which may be varied according to the significance, timing and implications of the incident for each individual but the general holistic approach associated with grief remains the same…
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Grief Holistic Approach
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Extract of sample "Grief Holistic Approach"

Download file to see previous pages When I was in the USA, at the beginning of my stay, it was a very important phase of my life.  I was enjoying my time and was also excited about visiting new places, making friends with new people, knowing new cultures etc. But, as the time passed on, I started to feel the pain and anxiety associated with living in a new country away from the friends and family. As Zissok and Shear (2009) described the term grief in their book, I was also facing the same situation staying away from my near and dear ones. After the phase of initial joy the reality began to loom before me - I was alone in a complete unknown place where I myself had to survive for everything. As there was no one to support me during that phase, so I was completely alone to fight out from that phase, and the helplessness that I was feeling at that very point was the beginning of my grief stage. As discussed by Bruce (2007), I was also feeling the pain of being alone, was confused and more so indecisive about what to do and what not to. As he discussed in his review that one can feel the timelessness while going through a stage of grief, social withdrawal, crying, restless over activity, etc all was associated with me. I was in that frame of mind, where I was trying to do everything to come out of this situation but unable to succeed. That indecisiveness was playing a vital role in making the grief situation more and more complex for me. The unwanted situations like sharing rooms with others, meeting bad people in life, facing problems related to own identity. - all were the major problem associated with me in those days of my life as I was going through the toughest phase of my life. If I consider my stages of grief in the Archer’s perspective, I was also gone through four different phases, starting from the development of grief till the end when I was able to overcome that situation. During the first phase, I was more happy as it was an opportunity for me to see the new place. Therefore, staying away from the near one was not affecting me (avoidance of loss), after a few days when everything was started to fall in place I was started to feel the pressure of staying away from the family as there were lots of people who started to take the advantage of my loneness (development of distress). The third was the stage of depression when I was in the tangle of all kinds of wrong things, starting from being addicted to different staffs to getting impatient and restless as I was not able to find someone to share my problem. The anxiety ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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