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Student’s last name Professor Course Date Asian Group INTRODUCTION The Asian region is determined to possess a multi-diversified landscape and culture. Owing to the diversified nature, there is a prevalence of a number of health related concerns that are creating a major impact on the society…
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Asian group
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Asian Group INTRODUCTION The Asian region is determined to possess a multi-diversified landscape and culture. Owing to the diversified nature, there is a prevalence of a number of health related concerns that are creating a major impact on the society. Healthcare system is an emerging concept that holds a primary importance in the modern day context. In this paper, the main stress will be laid upon evaluating the present scenario related to the commonly diseases affecting the Asian group along with determining the healthcare system of the Asian region. A proper healthcare assessment in relation to the diseases that are prevailing in this particular region will be made and based on the graveness of the diseases an appropriate healthcare system will be recommended (Schneider 1-120). MOST COMMON DISEASES IN ASIA Asia is considered to be a densely populated region, and there are many cases of people getting affected by various diseases. However, a few of the most common diseases that seem to affect a majority of the citizens in this particular region include malaria, diarrhea, and lung cancer. These three diseases are responsible for causing serious health hazards along with affecting the health of the people to a very large extent. Moreover, a number of incidents of deaths are reported due to these diseases amid the population of the Asian group. Among the three diseases, lung cancer is responsible for most of the deaths that are viewed every year among both males along with females (Schneider 1-120; Ruiz and Primm 1-175). PREVENTION OF THESE DISEASES It is of the utmost importance for any nation to ensure an environment which is free of health hazards. Therefore, various measures are required to be implemented to fight the deadly diseases that seem to have a toll on the health of the citizens in the Asian region. In order to prevent the spread of malaria a proper care should be taken to avoid mosquito bites that are responsible for the spread of this disease. It can be prevented by ensuring a clean and healthy living environment and inducing the mass usage of mosquito nets. In relation to the prevention of diarrhea, it can be made possible by living a life hygienically and also by avoiding unhealthy practices. Harmful gases and smoke from factories along with active and passive smoking cause lung cancer. If these indulgences are avoided then it can ultimately facilitate staying away from this disease as well (Schneider 1-120; Ruiz and Primm 1-175). HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN ASIA The healthcare system in Asia mainly favors the concept of development and takes into consideration the aspect of reforms in order to make the system more efficient. Every year, a leading healthcare industrial event, namely Healthcare World Asia, attracts around 500 international and regional healthcare operators, government, developers, solution providers, and investors who congregate and discuss about business prospects in relation to healthcare (“Who Attends” n.p.). This event gathers the attention of various sponsors, and a lot of investment is made for making the event successful (Schneider 1-120; Acton 1-70). Health ministers across the nations are making various efforts for reshaping the overall healthcare industry, and they are moving forward with the primary objective of improving the overall healthcare system. Various conference meetings by different industrial stakeholders, healthcare leaders, and government officials among others are held every month to discuss the varied issues related to healthcare and also to provide solutions for the prevailing healthcare issues in the region (Schneider 1-120; Acton 1-70). However, all the activities that seem to be dominant in this particular region are concerned with the overall improvement of the healthcare system in the region. And also, the system is primarily concerned in regards to the business expansion rather than ensuring a grass root health care. By analyzing this system, it can be easily determined that the healthcare system in Asia is capable to achieve an all-round diversity and it can be improved to a significant level. However, the primary focus is needed to be laid upon addressing the common issues related to the prevalent healthcare concerns in this particular region. Therefore, proper awareness programs are needed to be implemented to educate the people about the processes through which a healthy lifestyle free of diseases can be adopted (Schneider 1-120; Acton 1-70). CONCLUSION From the analysis above, it has been duly recognized that the Asian group is having a strong healthcare system, but people are still getting infected by various diseases such as lung cancer, diarrhea, and malaria among others. Therefore, a few recommendations and preventive measures to curb these diseases are highlighted. Works Cited Acton, Ashton. Depression: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2013 Edition. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholarly Editions, 2013. Print. Ruiz, Pedro, and Annelle Primm. Disparities in Psychiatric Care: Clinical and Cross-cultural Perspectives. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010. Print. Schneider, Katherine A. Counseling about Cancer: Strategies for Genetic Counseling. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2011. Print. “Who Attends.” Home. Terrapinn Holdings Ltd., 2013. Web. 21 Sep. 2013. . Read More
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