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Assignment 4 - Research Paper Example

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Assignment 4 1. DEFINITION OF HEALTH AND PROCESS OF ASSESSMENT Health can be well defined as a circumstance of comprehensive physical, psychological as well as communal well-being and not simply the nonexistence of disease or illness. This definition of health has been recently developed by the World Health organization (WHO) which highly promotes the state of absolute measurement incorporating the level of physical, psychological as well as social well-being of each individual (World Health Organization, “WHO definition of Health”)…
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Assignment 4
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Assignment 4 DEFINITION OF HEALTH AND PROCESS OF ASSESSMENT Health can be well defined as a circumstance of comprehensive physical, psychologicalas well as communal well-being and not simply the nonexistence of disease or illness. This definition of health has been recently developed by the World Health organization (WHO) which highly promotes the state of absolute measurement incorporating the level of physical, psychological as well as social well-being of each individual (World Health Organization, “WHO definition of Health”). In order to effectively access about how healthy a population is, the measurement or the identification of each individual within a particular community can provide adequate information relating to the level of well-being. The process of measuring the annual expenses of individuals within a community can ensure towards maintaining their health related issues by a greater level. Therefore, the question related to justify the annual health related expenses of the individuals can provide adequate support for any health related survey. 2. DETERMINANTS THAT ARE LIKELY CONRIBUTING THE DISPARITY IN HEALTH The determinants that are likely to contribute the disparity in health among the non-Hispanic white and other groups of populations can be identified by taking into concern certain significant aspects. In this similar concern, education along with income level can be considered as one of the chief determinants that tend to reflect the present disparity in the US population. According to the report published by Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), it can be viewed that the non-Hispanic whites are likely to possess better health condition as compared to the other group of population within the US. Moreover, the income level of the non-Hispanic white populations can also apparently observed to be much higher than the other groups resulting in availing continuous high cost healthcare services along with insurance facilities (Huls, “Access to Health”) 3. CONTRAST ABOUT HOW A HEALTHCARE PLAN MIGHT ADDRESS THE PROBLEM The sodium consumption by the US population has long been witnessed to raise different physical ailments that include blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure and kidney failure among others. Therefore, an effective population health model or plan can provide adequate support to the population of the country to reduce higher rate of cardiovascular diseases prevailing amid the population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Americans Consume Too Much Sodium (Salt)”). In this regard, it can be affirmed that population health model is more effective than the other medical models in terms of efficiently addressing dissimilar sorts of health inequalities arising from the increasing consumption of sodium. It is worth mentioning that an effective population health model involves different programs that are associated with social status, income and education level along with other different healthcare services for the individuals, communities as well as families. The program tends to empower community action, build effective health policy and create supportive healthcare environment which can enable the US population to reduce their intake of excessive amount of sodium. The population health model is a widely accepted approach in Canada which has demonstrated adequate reduction of cardiovascular diseases amid the population than the US (Kindig & Stoddart 380-383). 4. WHO ARE THE CURRENTLY UNINSURED, AND WHAT DOES THIS TELL US ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM THAT NATIONAL HEALTH REFORM (PPACA) HAS TRIED TO ADDRESS? In relation to the present condition of the US healthcare segment, it can be stated that a radical development of providing various advanced healthcare programs to the populations is utmost necessary. In this regard, the US households who live under the poverty line can found to be currently uninsured towards accessing effective healthcare benefits (National Center for Policy Analysis, “What Does Health Reform Mean for You”). Therefore, with this concern, the primary objective of national health reform (PPACA) would be to provide effective healthcare services and information to different groups of the US population. It can be affirmed that PPACA has tried to address the aforesaid concerned matter through introducing different health insurance plans along with other healthcare related benefits (National Center for Policy Analysis, “What Does Health Reform Mean for You”). 5. NON-ECONOMIC BARRIERS TO ACCESS TOWARDSHEALTH CARE AND THEIR EFFECTIVENESS In accordance with the US healthcare policies and practices, a few of the widely accepted non-economic barriers accessing towards the segment of healthcare include cultural aspects, race or linguistic differences and facets associated with geographical isolation (Huls, “Access to Health”). In order to effectively address the non-economic barriers, the healthcare department of the US is accountable for delivering timely as well as effective healthcare facilities to each group of the US population. Specially mentioning, the above mentioned non-economic barriers would be addressed by conducting different community based health related programs in different isolated regions ensuring better health to every section of the US population. Works Cited “Americans Consume Too Much Sodium (Salt)”. CDC Features, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011. Web. 25 Jul. 2013. . Huls, Natalie. Access to Health. Review Digest: Human Rights & Health, 380-383. Print. Kindig, David and Stoddart, Greg. What is Population Health? Am J Public Health 93.3 (2003): 380-383. Print “What Does Health Reform Mean for You”. Overview: A Better Healthcare System. National Center for Policy Analysis, 2012. Web. 25 Jul. 2013. . “WHO definition of Health.” About. World Health Organization, 2013. Web. 25 Jul. 2013. . Read More
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Assignment 4 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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