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This paper outlines that cancer and heart disease are one area of risk which causes difficulty in early adulthood. Most of the cancer is lung cancer caused by excessive smoking and excess alcohol those individuals consume. The projected reason for excessive consumption is stress…
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Risky Factor Affecting People
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Written Assignment 4 Cancer and heart disease are one area of risk which causes difficulty in early adulthood. Most of the cancer is lung cancer caused by excessive smoking and excess alcohol those individuals consume. The projected reason for excessive consumption is stress and pressure of this period related to work, trying to establish intimacy according to Erik Erikson, failure to this leads to risk of isolation (Feldman, 2007). The stress of trying to achieve and settle down at work leads to them to seeking anti-depressants to get temporary relief and this in turn pause high risk to the individual.
The other risk factor is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). This is majorly caused by indulgence in risky, unprotected sexual behavior which exposes them to the virus which has no cure. The major reason for the risky sexual behavior is the excessive use and misuse of drugs majority of which depress and cause temporal impairment of the person’s conscience and hence engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse or other sexual interactions. AIDS is accompanied by other opportunistic diseases which affect maximum productivity of the individual’s social and occupational life.
Accidents are the next risky factor affecting people in early adulthood. Many individuals at this stage have just acquired jobs and also still have behaviors from colleges. They therefore lead a somewhat carefree life influenced by their peers. Many are reckless drivers, some are under influence of drugs and a few are too stressed to pay attention when driving (Feldman, 2007). This leads to increase in accidents affecting these individuals. Many involved in accidents die, others become too crippled to work and the rest develop physical and psychological disorders following the accidents.
Adolescence is a period characterized by role confusion and this may lead to lack of proper self definition. Friends and especially peers who are undergoing the same issues with the adolescent may lead to that adolescent developing social acceptance and hence not have egocentrism. This will improve the self confidence of the individual which will lead to the person defining himself or herself well with clear vision.
Adolescents identify with their friends more at this period and therefore are influenced by decisions and suggestions made by them. They influence them on issues of religion, dressing, education and other issues (Berger, 2008). If the influences are positive and therefore effected by the adolescent, they may help the person define him or herself better than before the influence by the friends. The negative aspect of this is that the influences may be negative hence the adolescent defining themselves negatively.
The parents can improve the adolescent’s self definition by supporting the adolescent’s decisions and guiding them in their positive choice of career courses, friends and religion. If parents disagree, they should address the adolescent in an adult manner and not like a child. This will lead them to improve their self esteem hence better ways to define themselves. Treating the adolescent like an adult and especially in decision making will lead to the improving of the parent-child relationship hence boosting self confidence of the adolescent.
Parents can also help their adolescent children develop self definition measures by proving stable social support. This includes being open with their children about realities of life and attempting to reach to them by asking about the difficulties they are facing and how they think these can be solved. This enables them have hypothetical solutions to life issues and hence practice their abstract thinking (Berger, 2008). This acts to provide a strong ground for them making their own decisions in future.
Berger, K. (2008). The Developing Person through the Life Span. New York: Worth.
Feldman, R. (2007). Development across the lifespan. California: Prentice Hall. Read More
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