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EBP-Becoming a leader - Essay Example

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BECOMING A LEADER IN THE TRANSLATION OF EVIDENCE TO PRACTICE How are these activities enhancing my leadership skills? The evidence based practice is of immense importance to enhance the leadership skills of a DNP prepared nurse. To be a transformational leader, a leader is required to obtain, appraise and interpret facts into organization decision making and implement the knowledge gathered so far into practice…
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EBP-Becoming a leader
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Download file to see previous pages How does translating evidence enable me, as a leader, to affect or strengthen health care delivery and my nursing practice? To strengthen the health care delivery and nursing practice major concern should be given in the improvement on principles related to business, finance and health policy. Translating evidence form the basis from which a DNP prepared nurse can evaluate the strength, weakness of the entire health care delivery and nursing practice. For improvement of in all the lacking sectors can only be developed under the direction of an efficient and effective leadership. A leader is the person who facilitates to cope with the change within an organization. They are in the charge of motivating and inspiring others towards a certain goal with integration. They have a clear direction towards opportunity which they need to explore by virtue of motivating others towards the same. They are the one who creates an environment which help other to connect to the mission of the task through improvement in their own quality of work. So as a leader, translating evidence and my practice would help me to understand where to strengthened health care delivery and nursing practice (White and Brown, 2012, pp. 94-100). ...
As a leader I would strategically develop capacities that will enhance innovation objected towards meaningful performance improvement. Knowledge will be enhanced by improvising ideas coming from workforce and leadership engaged consistently in accomplishing excellence (White and Brown, 2012, pp. 103). How you would advocate for the use of new evidence-based practice approaches through the policy arena? For accomplishing a goal, an active deportment towards the goal should be framed up. In my personal experience I have seen government hospitals lacking productivity since there is no proper orientation towards goal has been set up. All their works are in a chaotic state for the lack of effective leadership. As a leader, I will make a well defined assignment for each and every staffs after allocation of role and responsibilities (White & Brown, 2012, pp. 96-97). This would have triggered the entire process of workflow working towards a certain goal maintaining the standard of work as well. As per the need of the organization I will be structuring a top down method or a bottom up method in practice of workflow. This will result in reduction of human error bringing improvement in quality of work. In addition; this approach will also result in achieving higher customer satisfaction, improved quality, staff retention, better cost management and high yielding performance. All these will have a cascading effect in turn, resulting into a better financial structure and economies as well. It has been observed that researches have improved nursing practice and education (Malloch & Grady, 2010, pp. 57-77). As a DNP nurse I will be stressing under the research wing, education and training activities of the entire team. Time to time changes in the education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EBP-Becoming a Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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