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Critique a journal 'High cocoa polyphenol rich chocolate may reduce the burden of the systems in Chronic fatigue syndrome' - Essay Example

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Critique of a Journal Health Science and Medicine 7 July 2013 The everlastingly increasing rate of modern life does not allow people to ponder about the quality of consumed products a lot and with sufficient attention. Most often due to an active lifestyle, individuals prefer fast meals and easily cooked items that economize the time but can be a solid ground for health problems…
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Critique a journal High cocoa polyphenol rich chocolate may reduce the burden of the systems in Chronic fatigue syndrome
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Extract of sample "Critique a journal 'High cocoa polyphenol rich chocolate may reduce the burden of the systems in Chronic fatigue syndrome'"

Download file to see previous pages Manufactures keep on increasing the quantity of various chemical compounds added to their products. The food can be the source of not only energy required for the human organism but also the carrier of significant number of dangerous chemical agents that are added to products during the process of production, transportation or storage of the goods. Frequently watchfulness and attention of potential consumers regarding the perilous influence of specific food items are decreased with the help of distracting factors, such as bright and colourful package, unusual shape of the product and offered profitable discounts, which persuade customers to eat harmful food. In the conditions of horrific raise of health problems, the main task of scientists is to detect precisely those products that are able to cause favourable impact on human health for raising people’s awareness with specific illnesses about such food items’ healing characteristics. ...
It is fair to mention that there is no generally accepted definition of fatigue, however, in most literary works, it can be interpreted as “a combination of symptoms including: impaired performance (loss of attentiveness, slower reaction times, impaired judgment, poorer performance on skilled control tasks and increased probability of falling asleep) and subjective feelings of drowsiness or tiredness”3. The problem of fatigue syndrome is extremely important since it leads to such negative consequences as decreased concentration of the person, aggravated functions of memory, slow response and reaction, enhanced irritability and depressions, high somnolence, frequent changes of mood, sharper susceptibility to the influence of alcohol and high risks of diseases. Fatigue is able to impact not only human body but also mind and emotional condition; therefore, it is imperative to find the solutions of this problem, one of which refers to the issues of apposite diet4. According to the numerous studies, it has been found out that chocolate contains such useful compounds as polyphenol and flavanols. Polyphenol is a powerful natural antioxidant. It is contained in apples, vegetables, pomegranate juice, cranberries and grapes5. Polyphenol increases the resistibility of blood vessels, improves the blood circulation and serves as a fundamental element required for the maintenance of skin tissues. The polyphenolic compounds include flavanoids that represent the most common group of plant pigments. In a great quantity, flavanoids are met in citrus plants, berries and fruits, onion, green tea, red wine, dark sorts of beer, sea-buckthorn and chocolate. In fact, “cocoa beans contain higher concentrations of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critique a Journal 'High Cocoa Polyphenol Rich Chocolate May Reduce Essay.
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