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The responsibilities of regulatory agencies in health care organizations - Research Paper Example

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Safety in a Community Hospital Institution Safety in a Community Hospital Hospitals present one of the most hazardous places one can ever work in. This is mainly because everything that doctors, nurses and other hospital stakeholder revolve around is dangerous…
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The responsibilities of regulatory agencies in health care organizations
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Extract of sample "The responsibilities of regulatory agencies in health care organizations"

Download file to see previous pages This inclusion is vital in the sense that when a problem is being handled as far as safety is concerned; it can be effective in all dimensions. Legal Responsibility of the Community Hospital as far as Safety is concerned Like any other organization, a community hospital is not an exception in the legal framework when it comes to the case of handling matters pertaining safety at work. There are general rules which are basic to every organization in ensuring that the safety of workers and its partners are safe while in the organization’s premises and vicinity (Reiman, Pietikainen & Oedewald 2010). To add on these basics, there are those which precisely apply to the community hospitals and they form the discussion point for this section of this paper. The well being of every employee in a community hospital is the first control measure for enhancing safety in the hospital (Roberts & Perryman 2007). This is because an employee who is stressed up is a source of accidents which otherwise are extremely preventable. In that regard, it is legal mandate of the hospital to ensure to ensure that anybody who reports for work is okay. Failure to this any accident which occurs because the employee was not in his normal senses is not pardonable. The employer will bear the cost in fullness. For this reason, employees’ health should be kept in guard and anything which might add to the inefficiency of the worker like shift management should be handled in the most amicable way lest it causes problems that can dearly cost the hospital. It is purely the responsibility of the community hospital management to ensure that the equipments that are being used by its workers to administer the patients are safe. The law does not entertain negligence in this field as faulty equipments harm both the health workers and the patients. The effect may even be extended to the surrounding environment and hence any tool that is being used needs to be in full secure operating form. The health workers are professionals in their own field and hence have a code of conduct they pledge at time of certification. This code of conduct and ethics entails taking the right measures in a very reasonable manner to ensure that diligence in service delivery is as per the standards (Roberts & Perryman 2007). Falling short of this expectation is exposing danger at workplace and despite who gets harmed due to this negligence the impact is felt by the entire health unit and its associates who are the patients and the surrounding society. For this cause, it is a legal requirement that all those who practice in a community health be professionals with accredited credentials that have taken an oath of diligence performance in service delivery. Training is on safety in a community hospital is inevitable. This is a responsibility of the organization to ensure that all its workers are acquitted with the most viable measures that minimize accidents in hospitals. Training on how to handle unexpected accidents should be given to every worker as this goes a long way into protecting the lives of those who are in the hospital and in the surrounding (Reiman, Pietikainen & Oedewald 2010). Ignorance cannot though be a defense in any matter of negligence and hence stakeholder ought to take viable steps in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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