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People from an ethnic minority group - Literature review Example

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People from ethnic minority group Inequalities in healthcare are one of the most rapidly increasing and significant public health concerns in the U.K. Recent evidence suggests that people from ethnic minority groups are more likely to suffer from poor health as compared to the rest of the population…
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People from an ethnic minority group
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Extract of sample "People from an ethnic minority group"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it was also observed that women of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Caribbean descent were observed to be highly susceptible to diabetes. On the other hand, men belonging to Black Caribbean, Irish, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi descent were reported to have the highest prevalence of obesity as compared to the general population. According to available statistics, South Asian men in U.K. have a 50 per cent higher chance of having heart diseases as compared to the general population. The prevalence of cancer is also observed to be relatively higher among the South Asian, Caribbean, and African ethnic groups (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2007). In the Southeast England region, the health disparities are more or less similar. Fig 1: Health inequalities by ethnicity: Comparative chart – England and Kent region Source: Impact of healthcare disparities on the ethnic minority groups: It has been effectively established that the ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected with regard to access to healthcare. Such disparities in access to healthcare significantly increases the burden of disease for the said population resulting in a significant reduction in their abilities to participate actively in economic activities ultimately resulting in increased unemployment and, hence, poverty within their communities (Egede, 2006). Furthermore, the disproportionate burden of diseases borne by the ethnic minority groups leads to increased spending on healthcare. Racially and ethnically diverse populations are generally observed to have lower incomes as compared to the general population, which they are compelled to spend on healthcare services. Factors such as poverty and unemployment and the increased burden of healthcare spending drastically reduces their opportunity to access healthcare services resulting in higher mortality rates among such groups. Major reasons for disparities in health: Multicultural societies pose a serious challenge with regard to the provision of healthcare services across the diverse population groups. This is because the health concerns vary in accordance with the ethnicity and socio-cultural and economic background of the individuals (Sashidharan, 2003). People belonging to ethnic minority communities are known to be economically poorer in status and tend to live in poverty as compared to the general population (Raphael, Rioux, and Bryant, 2006). Studies indicate that one of the most significant reasons for the disparities in health is the fact that GPs often fail to interpret the common mental disorders that the ethnic minorities are likely to suffer from resulting in the subsequent failure to provide adequate psychological care and treatment (Sproston and Nazroo, 2002). The lack of adequate cultural and linguistic abilities of the healthcare providers is also being increasingly recognized and acknowledged as one of the key contributing factors leading to widespread disparities in access to healthcare among the ethnic minority groups. The health and wellbeing of individuals is largely dependent on their ability to communicate with the healthcare providers. The inability on the part of the healthcare ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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