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Concave and Convex of the Shoulder - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Introduction Kinesiology also known as human kinetics defines the scientific studies involving human movement. The discipline addresses physiological, psychological, and mechanical mechanisms in regard to the human body. Applications of the discipline in human health include: strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, orthopedics and biomechanics, and sports psychology…
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Concave and Convex of the Shoulder
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Download file to see previous pages The issues discussed under joint mobilization include osteokinematic and arthokinematic movements as well as Mulligan’s techniques. The project also focuses on anatomical analysis, mechanical analysis, and a description of motor skill performance as well as providing prescriptions for improving performance. These key issues are very significant in addressing the various joints found on the shoulder and shoulder girdle in addition to the muscle tissues controlling movement. The muscles are soft tissues mobilized for attaining muscular balance. The main goal for the project is providing an informative perspective into the physical structure of the concave and convex of the shoulders as well as other joints, muscle tissues and the motions in their reference. The choice of the project report attributes to the kinesiological studies on the human body movement. This provides a strong foundation for basing the shoulder complex that contains varied joints in support for movement. The topic of choice is also informative as it contains rich texts that help in neuromuscular therapies. In addition, the project provides an intriguing introduction to concepts such as behavior science, neurophysiology, biomechanics, musculokeletal physiology and anatomy as well as anthropometrics. This project also describes the functionalities in relation to the upper extremity of the concave and convex of the shoulder. Additional information from journals helps students understand the motion movements of shoulders and how they contribute to the motion of the rest of the body. Kinesiology studies dictate the study of human kinematics. In this regard, the statistics provided in this project reflect Kinesiology’s content and this adds to theories on human movement involving all limbs and how they affect each other. The preferred choice of learning style includes physical and visual styles. The visual learning style uses images, pictures, and spatial understanding. This style is essential in this project as there are many joints within the upper extremity of the body and a visual representation proves vital in relating documenting materials to the images. The physical learning style uses the human body in explaining the mechanics of documented concepts. In addition, this method is useful as kinesiology involves the study of the human anatomy. Physical representation of the theoretical information concerning the upper extremity helps in creating a definite imagery in the minds of the reader of this project. Objectives The objectives of this project enable the student in; 1. Identifying the structures of the shoulder and shoulder girdle. This also includes joint type, surrounding tissues, and the articular shape. 2. Describing the joint motions that occur in the shoulders including arthokinematic (accessory) and osteokinematic (psychological) movements, factors checking shoulder motions, and muscle actions. 3. Understanding the stability mechanisms of the shoulders and possible injury mechanisms. 4. Distinguishing the one/two degree of freedom joint from the three degree of freedom joint. 5. Understanding the effects of muscle synergies in addition to the influence of paralysis and weaknesses of single muscles in coupled muscle motions. 6. Describing the definition of the kinesiology discipline and stating the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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