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Roles of the school nurse Name College Course Date The significance of school nurses cannot be aggrandized. School nurses play an important and accomplished role in school settings. In schools that children from low-income families attend for example, school nurses are the initial health care personnel with whom students from such less privileged families of whom majority lack health insurance and yet are in need of medical attention come into contact…
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Download file to see previous pages Since its inception, it has expanded its activities to include advocacy, health promotion, initiating emergency, providing health education, case management, medication administration and tracking immunization (National Association of School Nurses, 1990). School nursing has since evolved over time to include such services as initiating individualized health plans and first aid and emergency services for students with serious medical conditions. Other areas that they focus on include reporting cases of child abuse, conducting and supervising state mandated screenings, providing assessment for and attending Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings for students with special educational needs such as, hearing and vision, providing families with information on available resources for procuring free or low-cost services and referring students to appropriate agencies after screening (National Association of School Nurses, 1990). School nurses save lives, increase student attendance and decrease early dismissals. They are the first respondents to disease outbreaks and epidemics and they monitor the general population’s health as well as liaising with public health officials. Their services are directed to students and in cases of crucial occurrence within the school e.g. dangerous incidents involving school properties they are the first ones to respond (Schwab & Gelfman, 2005). In case of fire outbreaks in the school compounds thousands of endangered lives are left at the mercies of school nurses who give it all to save these lives. School nurses ensure that everything that pose threat to health within the school community are identified and eliminated to ensure that good health prevails. To ensure this is attained they make sure that such threats to health like dogs, broken equipments, lack of clean water and hand soap are looked into and sorted out (Schwab & Gelfman, 2005). They take the leading role to ensure that health services are adequately provided within the school community and that good policies and programs are implemented to the latter. Fragile students within the schools are ensured of safety due to the presence of the nurses and these have helped them build confidence due to overwhelming support and counseling provided by the nurse (Schwab & Gelfman, 2005). School nurses also screen students for hearing and visual conditions and also provide referral services on such conditions. School nurses also are very important because they are the ones who ensure that the school compounds are very clean and conducive and if not they take a step further to ensure that sanity is achieved within the school environments (Heath, 1975). Children with chronic conditions could not have been possible for them to attend school if it were not for the nurses who attend to them to provide health support, moral support through counseling and always there for them. When these children with chronic conditions are in the school, they feel at home due to warm support of the nurses. They also boost students learning and health and work. School nurses work together with families of the patients, the community and school personal to ensure that he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HEALTH VISITING COURSE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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