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Final Organizational QI Plan - Term Paper Example

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Final Organizational QI Plan Name Lecturer Date Executive Summary The Quality improvement plan of the Community Care, a hospital in the city of Kawartha Lakes, demonstrates the facility’s determination to improve the quality of care services offered to the clients…
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Final Organizational QI Plan
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Extract of sample "Final Organizational QI Plan"

Download file to see previous pages Eventually, the QIP will emphasize on the efforts on the support processes of care delivery to clients that will promote optimal outcomes to clients and effective practices of business. Within the hospital, every program and department is responsible for ensuring the activities of the QIP are implemented. The initiatives of QIP will be conducted as the activity of the organization’s Quality Management Committee. In the process of implementing this QIP, there will be regular assessment and monitoring, annual evaluations and quarterly reporting of the QIP as a journey of the QIP for the Community Care Center. The implementation process within the hospital may include development of the currently existing goals and addition of new objectives and goals that are based on emerging issues and priorities involving the Community Care Center. Introduction and purpose The Community Care Center of Kawartha Lakes in the County of Victoria is multi faceted and integrated organization that provides a wide range of community support programs and health services designed to support independence and promote health for all ages and life quality for both special needs and senior clients. The mission of the facility is to be the leader in the delivery of responsive, integrated health and support services for the community as well as collaborative designs that respect the individual independence and dignity. The facility strives to build a healthy, safe environment where staff, physicians and volunteers join hands in working to provide clients with quality services and care. Community Care Center provides services such as: health services for the community like programs of wellness, health promotion, and primary health care; support services to the community like meal programs, transportation, adult day programs, and in home maintenance and support; services of hospice like bereavement, palliative and grief support; and dental clinic. Goals and Objectives The Community Care Center defines quality as care and service provision that are effective, safe, accessible, client centered, equitable, efficient, and responsive. During service and care delivery, the organization observes compassion, respect, accountability and excellence. The organization has the following goals in order to meet its mission: To address all areas in which the services may possibly be improved To systematically and objectively evaluate and monitor the appropriateness and quality of the services that are carried out by the organization To focus on the goals that leans towards desirable outcomes To show attempts towards resolving the problems that are already identified To ensure sufficient efforts are made to deliver care that assure satisfaction and cooperation To assure accurate, complete, and appropriate documentation of the services and care of the process of delivery To ensure there is a compliance with the federal requirements and accrediting agencies regarding performance and assessment of quality The goals and objectives will be achieved through the accreditation process, review outcomes, initiatives, survey analysis, and performance appraisals of the committee of quality management. Achieving this will mean that all the employees of the organization participate in the quality improvement plan efforts. Scope, description and QI activities There are various programs, departments and activities that this QIP will impact on. Some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Final Organizational QI Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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