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Prostate cancer - Research Paper Example

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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date Prostate Cancer Introduction: The cancer that occurs in the prostate gland is referred as the prostate cancer. The prostate is a part of the reproductive system in men that is represented through small structure shaped like a walnut…
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Prostate cancer
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Download file to see previous pages Men of ages more than 60 and whose father or brothers already have the cancers are at more risk of developing prostate cancer. Certain other causes of prostate cancer include men being around agent orange, men using too much alcohol, men who are farmers by profession, men who eat a high fat diet and animal fat, men who are associated with tire plane works, men being painters, and for those who remain around too much of cadmium (Prostate Cancer). Clinical Manifestations: In persons affected with prostate cancer, there is a local growth of the tumour in the gland which gradually spreads to different lymph nodes in the region through lymphatics. There is also a hematogenous propagation to isolated metastatic sites. Some patients in whom the cancer is detected at an early stage, the tumour is asymptomatic. However when the cancer is locally advanced, the symptoms reflect certain obstructions and irritations as the local tumour extends to the urethra and the neck of the bladder. Prostate cancer also creates pain in the bone when the tumour spreads there. Impingement in the spinal cord is also another symptom of prostate cancer (Dreicer and Garcia). Diagnosis: Prostate specific antigen has now been introduced in the clinical practice. With this in place, prostate cancer screening is used as a method of diagnosis of prostate cancer. However this method of diagnosis is still controversial in clinical practices since the decrease of prostate cancer specific mortality has not been obtained. The American Society of Internal Medicine is however working on developments of diagnostic methods. Several prospective methods of screening are also been tried across the world. “Over the last decade, the penetration of PSA-based screening has caused a stage migration, with an increasing percentage of patients with normal rectal examination findings receiving a diagnosis on the basis of an elevated PSA level (clinical stage T1c in the tumor, node, metastasis [TNM] staging classification)” (Dreicer and Garcia). Treatment: Some of the treatments of prostate cancer are standard while some of them are new in clinical trials. The standard treatment methods include active surveillance of the patient to watch his condition and any changes in symptoms. Surgeries like pelvic lymphadenectomy, radical prostatectomy, transurethral resection of the prostate are done on patients who are fit for the operations. Radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapy are some of the other standard treatment methods used for prostate cancer. Other than these standard methods, there are certain new clinical trials that are in being tried in the present day. These include cryosurgery that freezes and destroys the prostate cancer cells through use of an instrument. Cancer cells are also being destroyed through high intensity focused ultrasound. Proton beam radiation therapy is also used for prostate cancer treatment. Moreover, with the greater developments, patients are allowed to take part in the different clinical trials, even before and after the treatment if needed. There are certain follow up tests also available that are parts of the treatment measures (Prostate Cancer Treatment). Prognosis: When the cancer is at an early stage, the rates of survival are generally good. In later stages, the cure becomes difficult but there may be chances of survival for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prostate Cancer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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...?Pro cancer in minority Introduction Pro cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the pro a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine glandof the male reproductive system in most mammals (Romer and Parson, 1977). Though most prostate cancer cells are slow growing, there has been cases of rapidly proliferating prostate cancer cells (American Cancer Society, 2010). The cancerous cell spread to other parts of the body and can cause pain, difficulty in urinating, problems during sexual intercourse, or erectile dysfunction (American Cancer Society, 2010). Though the specific cause...
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... Pro Cancer and African American Men The pro is a male genital organ which is basically a gland. It provides the function of secretions which mainly contain citric acid and acid phospahatase. These secretions of the prostate gland combine with the seminal fluid during ejaculation. The prostate gland is located below the urinary bladder and above the urogenital diaphragm. The prostate gland is divided into four regions. These are the central zone, transitional zone, peripheral zone and the periurethral zone. The peripheral zone is the zone from where the cancer of the prostate gland arises. Prostate cancer is the first most common cause of cancer in males and it provides for the second cause of cancer mortality in men. In 2003... , in the...
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...? Patient Scenario: Diagnosed with Pro Cancer Institute Patient Scenario: Diagnosed with Pro Cancer What are the components of physical examination? Describe each component. The physical examination for prostate cancer has two main components, namely Digital Rectal examination (DRE) and measuring blood levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Digital Rectal examination is undertaken as a part of annual examination to directly palpate the prostate and check for abnormal texture and presence of lumps. Prostate specific antigen is secreted by prostate into the semen, some of it normally leaks into the...
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...Pro Cancer Index Introduction 3 2. Discussion 2.a. Symptoms, Etiology, and Prognosis 3 2.b. Prescribed Treatment 5 2.c. Comparison to Alternate Treatment : 6 2.d. Teaching Aid : 7 2.e. Community Resources : 9 3. Conclusion : 10 1. Introduction . Estimates made of the incidence of prostate cancer in the U.S. point to 232,090 new cases in 2005. This high incidence of prostate cancer makes it an important feature of prostate cancer as it demonstrates that prostate cancer accounts for a third of all the new diagnosis of cancer in the male population....
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Prostate Cancer

...Diagnosing Pro Cancer: An Annotated Bibliography College Diagnosing Pro Cancer: An Annotated Bibliography Andriole, G., Djavan, B., Fleshner, N., & Schröder, F. (2006). The Case for Prostate Cancer Screening with Prostate-Specific Antigen. European Urology Supplements, 5(12), 737 – 45. The article reviews the role of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in detection of prostate cancer and questions its role in mass screening of general population. The authors look into the clinical status of reduction in current threshold of PSA from 4.0 ng/ml to 3.0 ng/ml for further screening, but caution an...
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...Pro Cancer Carmack Taylor, C. L., Murray A. S., Carl de Moor, A. L., Pettawayd, C., Rena S., Chuslip. C., Hansen, M. C. & Gritz, E. R. (2004). Quality of life intervention for prostate cancer patients: design and baseline characteristics of the active for life after cancer trial. Controlled Clinical Trials, 25, 265-285. doi:10.1016/j.cct.2004.03.001. This article suggests that patients living with prostate cancer at the same time receiving androgen ablation therapy go through psychological and physical screech, which come as a result of their medical condition and the kind of treatment they are subjected to them. The article goes further...
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