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Health Care Delievery systems - Essay Example

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 Health Care Delivery Systems Name: Institution:  Health Care Delivery Systems Abstract A health care system is also referred to as a health system or healthcare delivery system. A healthcare system refers to the organization of resources, people, and institutions to provide health care services to meet the health requirements of targeted people…
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Health Care Delievery systems
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Extract of sample "Health Care Delievery systems"

Download file to see previous pages In some countries, health care system planning is disseminated among market members. In others, there is a joint attempt among trade unions, religions, governments, charities, or other corresponding units to provide designed health care services aimed at the population they assist (Saltman & Von, 1995). This paper will assess the similarities and differences between different health care delivery systems. Section 1 Publicly funded health care is financed partly or entirely by people’s tax sums instead of through exclusive fees. This are made directly to health care givers or insurance companies through deductibles, insurance premiums, or copayments. Two-tier health care is a system whereby an assured public health care system is in existence. However, a corresponding health care system functions in equivalent competition. The private health care system gives the patients a chance to hold more alternatives in selecting their physicians and waiting lesser periods. Nevertheless, two-tier health care system is expensive and set aside for only those who can meet the expenses (World Health Organization, 2000). Physicians who work in the private health care systems may also have an advantage because they can establish their own charges. Single-payer system is a method to financing health care with a single source of funds for paying health care givers. The range may be community based, national, or state-wide. The payer may be an entity like an insurance agency or a governmental unit. The proposed benefits may comprise large savings in overhead charges and administrative simplicity for providers and patients. Universal health care system is also referred to as social health protection, universal care or universal coverage. It depicts a health care system that gives free coverage and health care to everyone in the population of that state or country. Conversely, universal health care does not cover everybody for all things. Moreover, universal health care can be influenced by three vital features: what services are covered, how much is covered, and who is covered (Institute of Medicine, 2001). Socialized medicine system provides hospital and medical care for everyone in a population at a minimal fee. This is through government control of health care services and financial backing obtained from taxes. In some instances, the term socialized medicine has been employed to refer to universal health care system. In addition, socialized medicine in industrialized nations is likely to be more reasonable than in systems where there is less government inclusion. Universal health care system and socialized medicine are similar in that both of them provide affordable health care services for every person in the population. Public funded health care system and socialized medicine system also have a similar feature. Both of them are funded through funds obtained from people’s taxes (Institute of Medicine, 2001). Section 2 Public health care system has a philosophy that permits access and is illustrated in the rules that apply to the entire population that contributes finances or benefits from the system. This is what differentiates public health care system from other types of private medical systems. They have a right to use the agreed upon subjects in contractual requirements between the participants. In addition, privately funded health car ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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