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Combating Comparison Fatigue - Essay Example

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Combating Compassion Fatigue Care giving services and professions are considered as noble in nature and rewarding in experience. The service demands compassionate, sensitive and dedicated people who will be able to empathize with the patients and understand their needs…
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Combating Comparison Fatigue
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Download file to see previous pages Prolonged exposure to care giving services, especially to critical patients, has seemed to put equal stress on the individual providing the care. The mental, emotional and physical stress that results in providing care with compassion is termed as compassion fatigue. Unless the individual, who becomes a victim of compassion fatigue, takes measures at the onset of the illness, it could take severe turn in perpetually damaging the nervous system and mental health. The five major concepts associated with compassion fatigue are burnout, vicarious traumatization, critical incident stress, occupational stress and stress continuum (Sabo, 2011). The sooner the symptoms are detected, the greater is the chance of complete cure. The Warning Signs, the Nature of the Problem and the Causes of Compassion Fatigue Burnout This syndrome occurs when there is constant failure in achieving the expectation of one-self and of others in spite of hard work due to reasons related to client problems and occupational limitations (Ontario, 2011). It occurs gradually and causes Emotional exhaustion Depersonalization or the inability to connect to others Un-enthusiasm in professional and personal life Lack of a sense of personal accomplishments Irritability, sudden burst of anger without cause Frustration Lack of interest, disengagement Lack of enjoyment Depression, withdrawal Taking frequent sick leaves Addiction to alcohol, drugs (Sabo, 2011; Lombardo & Eyre, 2011; Mathieu, 2007) Vicarious Traumatisation and Critical Incident Stress A care giver experiences vicarious traumatization when he/she feels the pain and trauma the care recipient is experiencing. It is a result of complete empathising with another person. Usually it occurs when a care giving individual attends a critical patient or is an active witness of any specific emotionally disturbing and difficult situation. The resulting stress is termed as critical incident stress and it is one of the factors causing vicarious traumatization. The symptoms of critical incident stress and vicarious traumatization are: Remains pre-occupied with the client’s trauma Re-experiences the traumatic events Avoidance or remembering of the events Can develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Disruptive world view Heightening of anxiety and irrational fears Being hypersensitive or insensitive to emotions (Mathieu, 2007; Ontario, 2011) Occupational Stress When a care giver experiences compassion fatigue, it directly affects the person’s occupational status. The person can not cope up with the work load or any kind of care-giving job related responsibility. He/she tends to find ways of escaping the stressful atmosphere that the particular occupation pushes him/her into. The symptoms of occupational stress are: Fears certain clients or patients, avoids working with them Does not find enjoyment in work, lacks focus in careers Finds it hard to keep personal and professional life apart Takes frequent sick leaves from work Incapability to work independently, fails to take decision for patients Turns workaholic, performs without perceiving, becomes mechanical (Mathieu, 2007; Varner, 2004) Stress Continuum When the stress persists and becomes chronic, then the state is described as stress continuum. In most compassion fatigue cases, stress continuum becomes a common condition with the victims of this illness. Warning signs of stress continuum could be Problems with intimacy and forming personal relationships Chronic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Combating Comparison Fatigue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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