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Since the inception of health care systems in the world, there has been the question of how well these systems operate. This answer that has risen is through the creation of many organizations. …
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Monitoring Quality
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Monitoring Quality Monitoring Quality Since the inception of health care systems in the world, there has been the question of how well these systems operate. This answer that has risen is through the creation of many organizations. They may be government sponsored or non-governmental, and they cater for the needs of patients. They do this through monitoring the quality of health care standards of the health care systems present. They advocate for the treatment of patients in a manner that ensures their every needs are being met (American College of medical Quality, 2010). Through these organizations, there has been considerable improvement in the manner in which health care systems are handling their businesses. The only thing that may prevent this progress could be the resistance that may come from the privately owned businesses. If they refuse the intervention of these international organizations, they run the risk of doing whatever they find pleasurable. This paper will review some of the organizations, their roles and how they function. One organization that has been at the forefront of ensuring quality is attained in the health care sector is the American Medical Association (AMA). It has improved the manner in which physicians treat their patients. This is by introducing the physician’s recognition award (American College of medical Quality, 2010). This is an award that honours and recognizes achievers in the medical field who might have been outstanding. These awards are meant to boost their morale as they pursue their education in the medical field so as to remain competent. The main role that the organization plays is to approve and coordinate education. It ensures that the quality of education in the medical field is of standard as they require. It has led to the accreditation council which is responsible for ensuring that the medical schools, hospitals, and other medical societies are up to standard (American College of medical Quality, 2010). This method of monitoring quality ensures that all the associations under the organization are not incompetent. The second organization is the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The purpose of such an organization’s existence is to promote and encourage effective and much safer health care systems. It is a purely non-profit institution that has dedicated its time and efforts to improving health care quality. The main source of energy behind its inception in 1990 is to improve the health care system, and help elevate the issue of health care quality (Carrin, Buse, & Leggenhougen, 2009). Among the functions, they perform include; accrediting and certifying medical societies. This has led to the improvement in the quality of medical associations present. It is also at the forefront in recognising physicians in the medical field who might have an impact and influence (American College of medical Quality, 2010). Some of the programs that the organization focuses on include the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s). They try to make the HMO’s flexible enough to accommodate even the people who may not have a lot of money. This is so that everyone could benefit from the health care plans. The third organization that can be considered a blessing to the health care system is the Joint Commission (JC) which later changed to (JCAHO). It is responsible for accrediting most hospitals, and other related health care delivery organizations. It is a profitable association that charges a fee to all those organizations that want to be accredited (American College of medical Quality, 2010). Accreditation must be done after every three years. This means that for hospitals to continue operating, they need accreditation. The accreditation process includes an overall survey of all the goings-on in the organizations. This includes all physicians and the caregivers present in that organization. Their primary focus is placed on standards that relate to patients care (American College of medical Quality, 2010). As the primary focus is on the patients, the care givers are forced to pay close attention to the patients’ needs. This is since the organization cannot be accredited if the quality of patient care is not assured, or is low. The impact of these organizations is proving to be a move in the right direction. This is for all those in the field. Awards being given to physicians for their efforts can make for more competition among the physicians (Wan & McCrae, 2003). Care givers are also put to the task, and they to, step up to get credit for ensuring that the quality of care is increased. In conclusion, it is significantly important to note the changes taking place in the ever evolving health care environment. It is no longer about the organizations alone; the whole society is involved in the running of these organizations. If there are changes that are taking place, the entire society bears witness to these changes. The improvement in quality of health care is for the benefit of all (Dlugacz, 2006). This is what the organizations that advocate for improved quality are there to do. If something is not right, it is their job to set it right. Such changes ensure that the health care systems around the world are on their toes always. They need to ensure that they provide the best quality of health care to all that seek their services. References American College of medical Quality (2010). Medical quality management: Theory and practice. Sadbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett. Carrin, G., Buse, K., & Leggenhougen, K. (2009). Health systems policy, finance, and organization. London: Routledge. Dlugacz, D. Y. (2006). Measuring health care: Using data for operational, financial, and clinical monitoring. London: Sage Publishers. Wan, T. H., & McCrae, A. C. (2003). Monitoring the quality of health care: Issues and scientific approaches. New York: Free Press. Read More
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