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EMS Burn Out - Essay Example

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EMS Burn Out Name Institution Date Emergency medical services burnout is a medical stress related condition that is suffered by emergency medical personnel as a result of long periods of stress and frustrating working condition. The prolonging of the burn out causing conditions results in the manifestation of various signs or symptoms in person’s key areas of life, affecting him physiologically, physically, output at work place and family relationship…
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EMS Burn Out
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Download file to see previous pages Situations whereby the boss puts a lot of pressure on the employee and doesn’t give the employee a free hand could also lead to burnout as the employee feels closed in and is likely not to identify with the job and does not derive joy from it.. When the job is always is very demanding and full of traumatic experiences, it could easily be harmful in the long run because burnout is a process that builds up slowly. Low morale, occasioned by inadequate pay, working extra hours for long periods which result in a lot of fatigue and lack of exercise outside the workplace setup are also potential causes of burnout (Jones, 2009). While one is in the place where the job being performed is not what they desire, it also does not bring satisfaction and thus is performed for the sake of it and in due course, it could trigger burnout. It has been found out through research that emergency medical services personnel are affected so much by burnout due their type of occupation which calls for extra input and service due to the extraordinary circumstances which arise day by day. The medical services personnel work under conditions where one cannot anticipate what to expect on a daily basis. While it could be attending to critically injured road accident victims or those injured in industrial accidents or other types of serious accidents, workers in other professions at least have an idea of what to expect at their places of work while emergency medical services personnel expect any eventuality on day to day basis. This could have a major effect on the mind the body, also considering that duty calls for such eventualities to be attended to conclusively so as to best assist the victims (Jones, 2009). The continuous hearing of alarms is bound to physiologically affect the emergency medical worker as the body reacts to the call to take necessary action almost at all occasions. This can raise blood sugar levels, increase the heart beat and blood pressure and constant rising of adrenaline levels where, before the body deals with one emergency, another arises and, this constant intake of pressure is a potent cause of burnout. The emergency medical services personnel regularly work in situations where conditions are potentially tense in the rush to save lives for example in operation theaters or in scenes of accidents, putting the emergency workers regularly under a lot of tension with one another, and this constant tension could eventually build up gradually to contribute to burn out. The exposure too, of the emergency health personnel to scenes of great human injuries and traumatic conditions, in the long run has the potential to bring about burnout in their lives as much of the scenes are psychologically etched in the minds of the emergency medical personnel for a long time. Emergency medical personnel in the military have been known to require a lot of post battle treatment to help remove these experiences from their minds. Workers in other fields may probably never experience such conditions in their period of work in their work places, while the Emergency medical services personnel face such scenarios on a daily basis and thus are prone to becoming traumatized and affected very negatively. The aspect of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EMS Burn Out Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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