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Pharmaceutical Agents Paper - Essay Example

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Pharmaceutical Agents Name Instructor Course Date Pharmaceutical Agents HPC and PVP Hydroxyl Propyl Cellulose, also known as HPC, is an excipient in pharmaceuticals mostly used in Japan, it is in use typically in powder form, which can be regular powder, lightweight and super thin powders…
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Pharmaceutical Agents Paper
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Download file to see previous pages They also help in sustainable release by acting as polymers in rate-control. This helps in assimilation of pharmaceuticals’ by patients mostly in frail patients. HPC also is a stabilizing agent, where when patients require coming down, it helps to perform the task of coming the nerves. It is also an excellent suspending agent as well as binding tablets to help in stimulation, in absorption of tablets, when no fluids are in play. HPC also helps in increasing the viscosity for easy assimilation of tablets (Nita, 2006). Povidone, known as PVP, in comparison to HPC, has low toxicity, it forms finest films, and it is extremely adhesive. It also helps in complexion; otherwise PVP gets application in disintegration of pharmaceuticals it helps in dissolution of medicinal products PVP also helps in binding tablets. The properties and uses of PVP are similar to those of HPC; thus they can be used simultaneously without dire consequences on the users. K30 and K90 For k30 and k90, they have some similarity between them in that they bind while wet, though they differ from HPC and PVP. For them, they are co-polymers; their intention is to stimulate instantaneous applications of the film coat, though it offers excellent properties efficient for wet binding. They can go through oxidation easily. For k90, it has a strong binding potential than k30 which take time to bind. Similarly, k90 has a low viscosity due to its aqueous solution. K30 has a high viscosity, thus creating the boundary I application an assimilation of k30 and k90 (Shayne, 2008). Analyzing them critically, in terms of viscosity; the wet binding agents, which are k30 and k90, have a high viscosity comparing to the other group comprising of dry, binding agents, which are HPC and PVP. They also are exceedingly granulation equipments as compared to dry agents. For wet binding agents, they have a distribution of particle size, ranging from 125 m to 355 m, which are lower than HPC and PVP. They also have single compression punch, while the other has a different One. They also differ in terms of tensile strength, where for k30 and k90 their strength is immense, thus not used by most pharmacists as compared to HPC and PVP that are more powder thus less strength of tensely. Pharmacists also define it in terms of friability, which undergoes testing through the sieving of an air jets. This contrasts to HPC and PVP, due to the difference in the capabilities of friability, where the dry agents can be crumbled due to their dryness, as compared to k30 and k90, which are wet (Thomas, 2009). Calcium phosphate and lactose For calcium phosphate, which can be tri and bi base, it is neither wet form nor powder form; rather it is in capsule diluents. Its application is in anti caking agency, which is material added to powder materials to avoid lump formation and easy packaging, in packets which are easily portable, and thus avoid cracking and easy transportation. It is also a nutrient during buffering as well as a supplement in dietary, most for patient with digestion problems. It is also a clouding agent of capsules and tablets that are solid in nature thus need to get a cloud to avoid destruction especially when in contact with water. This helps during transportation over long distances without having to use a refrigerator (Shayne, 2008). In comparison to calcium phosphate, lactose is an excellent agent in binding of dry-powder in inhalers used by asthma patients. They significantly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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