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ACHIEVING WELLNESS - Research Paper Example

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Dimensions of health According to Vivian H. Heyward (2003), for an individual to be considered healthy, there are other aspects that are considered apart from just eating well and having exercises…
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Download file to see previous pages The following dimensions of health are therefore essential for one to be healthy. Physical dimension of health basically involves the individual’s health of the body. This means that for the body to be considered healthy, respiration, musculoskeletal, digestion and elimination among other systems need to be functioning optimally. This is achieved through maintaining proper nutrition and exercising regularly. The other aspect that is essential in the physical dimension of health is recognition and dealing with disease and search of appropriate medical care. Emotional dimension on the other hand involves the individual’s perception of him or herself. An individual who is considered to be emotional healthy is one who possesses self-acceptance, self-control and self-reliance. Such an individual is able to develop healthy relationships and is also able to share his or her feelings which encourage the individual’s sense of optimism and trust in other people. Emotional wellness enables the individual to adapt to change in various environments. Spiritual dimension focuses on beliefs upon which an individual bases his or her life. The faith or philosophy foundation of an individual gives meaning and purpose to life. It is through this dimension that an individual acquires some virtues such as love, compassion and ability to forgive others among others. The social dimension of health focuses on the importance of human relationships. This is through the ability to communicate and develop an understanding that no one can live totally independent of others. It also emphasizes that these relationships cannot develop effectively without emotional and physical connections. The environmental dimension focuses on attainment of an environment that promotes the health of an individual. The health of an individual requires enough clean water and air, safe and nutritious foods in order to maintain an individual’s overall wellness. This wellness however, can be threatened by what the environment produces. To avoid this, people should practice environmentally responsible behaviors which include conservation and reuse of resources. Right from the beginning, I had an objective of increasing my body fitness and toning up. As an individual I decided to concentrate on push ups in an attempt to achieve wholesome health wellness. This is after realizing that push ups are one of the methods of attaining perfect total body exercises. The exercises involve lying prone on a surface with hands wider than the shoulder width. The individual then raises the body up off the floor by extending arms with body while maintain the straightness (Nindl, B.C., Harman, et al, 2000). This is done repeatedly where the body must remain straight. Push ups have been known to achieve physical dimension of health. This is particularly due to its ability to build the upper body and increase the individual’s core strength. This is seen in the ability to exercise muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, legs among other areas of the body. For a long time individuals have not understood the many benefits of pushups in maintaining their bodies form (Guinness World Records 2010, 2009). As a result, most undertake this exercise as just an extra exercise without knowing that this form of exercise can be used as a strategy of increasing their growth hormones and muscle growth. It can therefore, become a primary exercise if an individual takes it seriously. When individuals undertake push ups as a team, one is able to develop socially as their interactions increase chances of social growth. This is partic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ACHIEVING WELLNESS Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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