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Abortion and the Rogerian Argument - Essay Example

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Countries such as Iran, Ireland,South Africa, and some regions of Latin America contested abortion and developed pro-natalist policies due to religious and cultural beliefs; whereas China, Cuba, and India supports abortion and have anti-natalist policies …
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Abortion and the Rogerian Argument
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Extract of sample "Abortion and the Rogerian Argument"

Download file to see previous pages Countries such as Iran, Ireland, Nicaragua, South Africa, and some regions of Latin America and Caribbean contested abortion and developed pro-natalist policies due to religious and cultural beliefs; whereas China, Cuba, and India supports abortion and have anti-natalist policies (McCoyd, 2010, 134). Debates centered on concepts of rights and moralities and groups are divided into prolife (anti-abortion) and prochoice (pro-abortion) advocates. Other’s Point of View Prochoice or supporters of abortion justify abortion through protection of the reproductive rights of the mother and reduction of suffering of unborn children with pre-diagnosed disability . In addition, the choice to have an abortion when a child is diagnosed with disability tends to fund the social services and support programs needed by the family; thus, overcoming financial repercussions. Instead of putting expenses on disability programs or special needs of children, funds would be allocated to the social services and programs needed by the family. Prochoice groups are fighting for the rights of the women on how to plan their families and in respecting disability rights. Lipp stated that health care in hospital has shifted to community settings and have led to the development of many abortion cases which can be cared for and recovered in comfort at the community or at home. (p. 326). Prochoice groups put woman at the center of care and with this shift in healthcare, a pregnant woman may demand the right to be cared for after an abortion. The moral status, together with issues of gestation, viability and rights complicate the abortion debate but prochoice groups argue that the fetus has no moral status and performing abortion as a minor surgical or medical procedure is acceptable (Lipp, 2008, 326). Likewise, the provision and ready access to information about abortion increases independence and empowerment among women as essential methods and choices are being provided. According to McCullough & Chervenak (2008) moral status or the obligations of human beings to protect and promote the interests of an entity, covered the living, those in the ex utero, and offspring of human beings (p. 35). In the article, those in the ex utero are highlighted and authors stated that the fetus, being in the womb of the mother, has no moral status. Prochoice advocates argue that parents, health care professionals, and other human beings only have substantive obligations to protect and promote the health of children with moral status; thus, protection and promotion of the health of the living, those in the ex utero, and offspring of human beings. The concept of moral status is synonymous with the concept of legal status in the U.S. constitutional law (McCullough & Chervenak, 2008, 36). Those who are alive, ex utero, and within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution have constitutional and civil rights; therefore, it is not only the lack of moral status of the fetus in the embryo that rationalizes the right to have an abortion but the lack of civil and constitutional rights as well. Despite this rationale, prochoice groups elaborated conflict about rights and emphasized that moral status is not rights-based but beneficence-based. The mother has beneficence-based obligations to the fetus, the obligation to promote what is good for the fetus (Kaposy, 2012, 84) and termination of pregnancy is possible only in criteria such as: “very high probability of correct diagnosis of anomaly, very high probability of death from diagnosed anomaly, and very high probability of severe irreversible cognitive deficit as a result of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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