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Name Professor Subject 1 March 2012 Ethical Issues in Cloning How it started Who ever thought of having the perfect replica of oneself that one can actually pull the act of being on two different places at the same time without being caught, or the odd fiction that one person can actually go to sleep and have another self do the work for him without any people having doubt as if the realization of the “surrogate” movie has already come to reality…
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Ethical Issues in Cloning
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Download file to see previous pages Cloning, as people of the scientific world calls it, offers a breakthrough in human genome science and a chance to change the whole face of the history of human existence. Religion calls it dismay to God’s natural ways, the social norms got stormed with different issues and yet the society must decide whether to support its pursuance amidst the many issues it is faced. Man in his pursuit to never ending knowledge and discovery will stop at nothing especially in the discovery of the complexities of man’s very being that lead him to the point of making a human replica out of a person’s genes bypassing the natural ways. Imagine that the cloning of human beings succeed, what will happen next? Cloning, considered as a relatively recent phenomenon, derives its current name from antiquity. The Greek word “klwn” accounts for a the common term “twig” which was initially used as a term applied to early twentieth century botany, designating plant grafts. Then, by the 1970s, the word came to designate a viable human or animal generated from a single parent (UNESCO 6). A simpler definition of cloning according to the Genetic Learning Science Center is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another meaning that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two as if having a duplicate. Over the last few years, cloning has come to mean any artificial, identical genetic copy of an existing life form imitating the natural cycle of producing identical twins— natures version and the first ever successful human clone. The success Though twinning is regarded as natural cloning, cloning in the very essence of its discovery is different from natural reproduction. Many organisms including human beings come from sexual reproduction, the process omitted in artificial cloning (Genetic Science Learning Center). Many cloning attempts have been made by various scientists since the works of Robert Briggs and Thomas King in 1952, until the time of Dolly, the world’s first cloned mammal in 1997 (UNESCO 8-9). The success of Dolly earned worldwide attention and opened the perspective of a new biomedical world, and Dolly became an international icon. After the international hit of the first ever successful mammal cloning, many more successful attempts came into realities which are related to discoveries in health, medicine and many more. Another remarkable cloning was the one made by a biotech company, PPL Therapeutics Inc. that produced a genetically transformed sheep named Polly that secretes human blood-clotting protein in her milk useful for treating haemophilia (UNESCO 10). Human Cloning: an ethical dilemma From the success of multiple cloning in animals especially in mammals, the possibility of cloning the world’s most successful mammal fired the imagination of the population. Different speculations, opinions, debates and studies form different sectors of the society plagued the cloning discussion. The issue of ethics has been debated involving scientists, legislators, religious leaders, philosophers and international organizations. Ian Wilmut, the author of the first successful mamm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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