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Importance of Graphing in Research Name Institution Abstract Many researchers have provided the world of facts and not merely beliefs. Its importance have been stabilized and recognized worldwide since researchers started laying facts on the table and needless to say the safety it brings to people when it comes to man-beneficial studies on food, drugs, diseases and many more…
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Importance of Graphing Research
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Importance of Graphing in Research Many researchers have provided the world of facts and not merely beliefs. Its importance have been stabilized and recognized worldwide since researchers started laying facts on the table and needless to say the safety it brings to people when it comes to man-beneficial studies on food, drugs, diseases and many more. Key words: research, graph Importance of Graphing in Research Graphing the data is important to give the researcher a visual representation of the results of the data gathered. By the use of the visual representation the researcher as well as the people presented with the study, are given an actual picture of the relationship between the results and the variables. This graphic representation gives the researcher the ease of explaining the outcome of the study in a way easily understood by people even without even reading the whole context of the study. One Pictures is worth a thousand words applies to explaining the importance of graphing the research field (Francis, 2011, p. 405). Proper graphing adds a degree of clarity no table can provide because it brings out subtleties in the relationship of the variables that may not be shown in tabular presentation. However proper verification of data is important and must be done religiously to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the study. Even single wrong information would affect entirely the result of the study and thus credibility at the researcher is at stake. Variety of graph representation is available and it varies on whether what type of study is to be presented. Among the basic graphing style: bar graph, line graph and pie graph, the author of this essay deemed the bar graph as the one most convenient to use since the bar graph design can be used to represent data from a multifactor design and could also be used to display certain kinds of data distribution. Similar with the line graph the bar graph can clearly state trends but multiple lines using the line graph can be misleading to read unlike in bar graph the data presented as a bar can clearly be seen. Moreover, a bar graph can also represent percentage presentation the way a pie graph is commonly used. If a study should be made and only one kind of graph is to be used, the best representation would be of the bar graph for it can cover for the percentage and quantitative representation of the line and pie graph. References Francis, A. (2011). EMBA research methods. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Read More
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Importance of Graphing Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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