Importance of Maps to GIScience - Research Paper Example

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The paper studies the advances made in the versatility of the map-making process today, after the development of the Internet. While recognizing the traditional role of maps in the representation of data it must be pointed out that the maps should go further to facilitate exploration of the data…
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Importance of Maps to GIScience
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Download file to see previous pages GIS is defined as the science dealing with the interpretation and management of spatial information in a scientific context, including associated technology, and implications of these for Commerce, Social life and the environment.   Information Analysis and interpretation of Data and transforming these into visual representations constitute among other things the Information Management function. Hardware and software that facilitate this process come under the category of associated methodology. Geographical Information and the GI system have tremendous applications to commerce and environment and naturally, they will impact society as a consequence. GIS now facilitates the production of all kinds of Maps which serve as stimulants to visualized thinking. GI System therefore admirably fits in as Research on GI Science. Experts addressed the problem of developing visualization methods and techniques to present GI data interpret and synthesize them and explore them further, (MacEachren, 1995). This goes on further to assess the impact of these on the efficiency of problem-solving. They further described the processes by which maps and graphics could be generated and the Computations systems to back these operations. The inter-connections between maps and GIScience and its associated steps in the process and the possible outputs also engaged many research works.

Maps have the power to visually represent data, synthesize these and then explore the world. This is possible because of the ability to take selected data from the complex maze of facts and make visual presentations. The Discipline of Cartography has evolved a wide range of design guidelines that help in creating a map that best represents the desired results in terms of spatial patterns and inter-relationships. The traditional maps have helped in their own way in the above functions of map-making. Yet, the advances made by GIS have revolutionized the way spatial information is synthesized, analyzed and explored.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance of Maps to GIScience Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2327 Words)
Importance of Maps to GIScience Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2327 Words.
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