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Health Communication Skills, Forms, and Methods - Coursework Example

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To begin with, it should be put forward, as a part of the introductory section, the suggestions on the importance of effective communication in health settings. Thus, in order for being validated as effective, …
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Health Communication Skills, Forms, and Methods
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Download file to see previous pages To begin with, it should be put forward, as a part of the introductory section, the suggestions on the importance of effective communication in health settings. Thus, in order for being validated as effective, Health Communication should be based predominantly on its broad definition (from the theoretical point of view) and Health Professional skills, moral values, and professional qualities, which can employ such understanding (from the practical point of viewing). Also, as it will be mentioned, effective Health Communication should be focused on reasoning of the main purposes, methods and models of Health Communication, its forms, and on a set of additional skills. However, latter element shows us the importance of applying of such information toward the cases of real life, one of which will be examined thoroughly further on. Intentional Aim of Interaction In order to identify the intentional purpose of the interaction from the health professional point of view, in Chapter 1 of our investigation on Health Communication, “Intentional Aim of Interaction,” the appropriateness and effectiveness of the approach to communication taken by the Health Professional will be discussed. In general, based on observation taken from the video and, therefore, providing observation of an interaction between a Health Professional and a client (C), accompanied by a family member (F), it is necessary to evaluate the communication skills (also, goals, models/methods, and forms of health communication) used with reference to the literature. It means, as for Chapter 1, which focused on intentional targets of interaction, that references will be as follows: Communicating Health: Strategies for Health Promotion by Nova Corcoran, 2007, Understanding Human Communication by Richard Adler and George Rodman, 2006, and Barry’s Health Communication: Theory and Practice, 2007. Concerning Kim’s situation, main purpose of interaction, from HP perspective, was to make a decision about the partners’ fourth baby. All HP gestures, expressions, postures, positions, tone of voice, eye contact, body, verbal and non-verbal behaviours were concentrated around this principal aim of interaction, the fourth baby decision. After giving a broad perspective of intentional aims in the interaction within Health Communication, it will be possible to see where are another hidden purposes in the aforesaid context. So, it seems to be logical to start from the definition of Health Communication in order to get an appropriate understanding of the intentional aim via the concept. Accordingly, “communication is linked to the social environment in which it is taken place,” (Morrell, 2001, p. 33) and, therefore, individual difference cannot be examined in isolation of other variables or processes that also account for communicative action. (Street, 2002, p. 201) According to Nova Corcoran and Sue Corcoran, who have been examined social, which “include variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, and education,” (2007, p. 32) and psychological factors, which “refer to attitudes, beliefs, and values,” (2007, p. 32) within the health communication, intentional aims of interaction could be divided into four big parts or sub-divisions: personal, social, psychological, and those going from wider environment. Thus, interaction’s intentional target could be represented as being always connected with a multitude of intentions: personal goals, those which are not reflected and are not mentioned consciously by the person (for example, emotional drives and subjective intentions); social distinctions (i.e. age, sex, gender, ethnicity, education, etcetera), which determine HP and C, F intentional targets directly or indirectly; then, psychological patterns of the individual (attitudes, beliefs, and values), which are held rationally in a coherent manner in his/her mind and actions; ultimately, wider environment’ factor influences on the intentional purposes of HP in the varying contexts, due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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