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Benefits of Exercise Name Institution Course Benefits of Regular Exercise Being healthy is a need that needs satisfaction. Adopting a healthy lifestyle ensures satisfaction of this need. Regular exercise and balanced diet constitute a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that every individual needs daily physical activity to keep all body functions effective…
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Three Benefits of Regular Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages The hormones released during exercise bring about this balance. Exercise is a leading strategy in the prevention of non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Exercise helps prevent heart diseases since it strengthens the heart muscles. Strong heart muscles pump blood efficiently to all body parts and ensure there is adequate oxygen supply. Heart diseases result from failure of the heart muscle to function effectively. In other cases, complications result from blocking of veins and arteries. An individual must have adequate and regular exercise to keep the heart healthy and strong. Exercise helps an individual keep his or her weight in control. Maintaining healthy weight is a preventive measure for staying safe from cardiovascular diseases (Bhanot, 2003). Exercise helps keep the blood pressure within normal ranges preventing fatal blood pressures. Due to exercise, the body increasingly produces good cholesterol. In addition, exercise is an important aspect in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Since regular exercise can keep weight in control, this reduces the amount of fat in an individual’s body (Aldana, 2005). Insulin resistance results from fat cells in the body and is the key cause of type 2 diabetes. ...
According to Dishman and Buckworth (2002), exercise provides a good and natural remedy to depression and anxiety. With increasing pressures from life, depression is a common disorder in society today. During exercise, metabolic processes in the body result to the production of endorphins. Other consequent metabolic processes break down these substances. The result of the coupled metabolic processes affects an individual’s mood directly. These substances play an essential role in relieving depression and anxiety. Exercise coupled with concentration on the inner being of an individual improves the mental conditions greatly. Meditation is an essential aspect of exercise during depression. It results to a new focus and appreciation of oneself. After exercise, one feels a lot better about himself or herself. This eventually leads to overcoming depression. In serious mental disorders, exercise may form an important complement to medication. The brain displays increased activity during and after exercise. Scientific studies reveal that depressed people who took exercise as a remedy showed similar results to those taking antidepressants. However, exercise is preferred because it gives the brain an opportunity to respond naturally. The endorphins released undergo metabolism in the body to produce a boost in mood. People who engage in yoga sessions that combine exercise and meditation are in more control of their inner being. Individuals suffering from depression and anxiety should seek the advice of a psychiatrist. Currently, psychiatry in cooperates exercise in its therapy programs. For the brain and body to function effectively, one needs a good sleep. Sleep gives the body and mind time to rejuvenate after a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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