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Critically analyse the introduction of the paper Naturopathic Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Among Canadian Postal Worker - Book Report/Review Example

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Critical analysis of the introduction of the paper ‘Naturopathic Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Among Canadian Postal Workers: A Randomized Controlled Trial’ The write up of a scientific article where a hypothesis is to be proved is typically commenced by clearly stating the hypothesis, along with the conditions and factors in play…
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Critically analyse the introduction of the paper Naturopathic Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Among Canadian Postal Worker
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Extract of sample "Critically analyse the introduction of the paper Naturopathic Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Among Canadian Postal Worker"

Download file to see previous pages The hypothesis of this published paper is that the Naturopathic care is the more beneficial treatment option in Rotator cuff tendinitis (RCT), when compared to physical exercise. In order to support this hypothesis, a clinical trial was conducted, in which volunteers with a prior history of RCT were randomized into 2 groups, one of which received naturopathic treatment and the other, physical exercise. In the introduction, the authors state the statistics of shoulder, back and neck pain. However, it is not very clear if these are global statistics, or if they are referring to a certain geographical stratum. Secondly, it is unclear if these statistics represent the incidences of RCT in particular, or if it generalizes all shoulder malaises. There is a statement in the article, which refers to high social costs, but the age group and the sexes of the people afflicted by it aren’t explained or taken into consideration. The conventional modes of treatment are listed, however, the authors contradict their statement by stating that these are used as a last resort. In such a case, a few examples of the preferred therapy modules would have been helpful. Thus, more attention could have been paid to the introduction, in which the etiology of RCT could have been described in depth, giving due consideration to age, sex and occupational factors. The global or regional economic burden caused by RCT could have been addressed. When the hypothesis is aimed at supporting the naturopathic mode of treatment, a short explanation of the statistics of successful treatment regimens of this method should have been presented to gain reader credibility, following which, the claims could be clinically proven. This paper has a clear aim, and the body of the article deals with working towards proving the claims. As mentioned earlier, the authors are trying to exert the efficacy of naturopathy over other treatment modalities. In trying to prove their hypothesis, clinical trials were conducted, which they supposedly term as randomized. In my opinion, this is not correct. Firstly, there is no explanation provided as to why postal workers were chosen for the study, and the reason for their being chosen from a certain regional province of Canada. Secondly, there could be other occupations, which result in similar shoulder or neck trauma, as in the case of construction workers. In order to eliminate bias, a wider range and a larger number of participants should have been chosen for the study, instead of just 89. The experimental method, treatment groups, and research protocols have been designed efficiently. The subheads under each category, namely Naturopathic treatment and Physical exercise, have adequate measurable parameters, which strengthen the study. Of the 89 volunteers selected for the study, 68 were present throughout the course, which accounts to approximately 34 volunteers under each major head. Statistically, a larger population is required for a sound clinical study. A minor, yet critical parameter, which may pose some questions, is one of the supplements used in the study- Phlogenzym. This seems to be a marketed product, and it is unclear if there is a hidden interest in promoting this proteolytic enzyme. A generic enzyme could have been used for the purpose of this study. However, keeping in mind the existing conditions with respect to experimental protocols, the researchers have devised an excellent in process and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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