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They can be caused by poor training, accidents and improper protective gear. In some cases, they can arise from secondary health effects, particularly chronic conditions. Lack of warm-up exercises before playing can also cause…
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Sports injuries
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Download file to see previous pages Although most people do not lose their consciousness, there is a tendency to forget events prior to or immediately after concussions. In some cases, individuals sustaining concussions simply feel confused. A concussion may not be life-threatening, but it can have very serious effects on an individual’s health (Cornell University).
The symptoms of concussion are rare to notice. In most cases, it is difficult to tell if someone has sustained concussion especially if there are no bruises on the head. However, there are some signs that manifest in most patients who have sustained concussion. Some of the physical signs include nausea, vomiting, persistent headaches, dizziness, high sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tiredness, and balance problems. Some of the emotional signs include sadness, anxiety, bad mood, and unusually high temper. Young children with concussions can develop prolonged headaches, cry more than usual, change the way they act or play, develop sad mood, and lose interest in their usual activities. They can also lose new skills such as toilet training. In addition, they can have trouble while walking or even lose their balance. Moreover, they can easily be upset or lose their tempers (Cornell University).
The long-term effects of concussions depend on the severity of the injury, subsequent treatment, and the age of the athlete. Concussions caused by severe injuries often take very long periods to heal. Similarly, untreated symptoms of concussions may take a long period to subside. Additionally, very young athletes take more time than adults to recover from concussions (Cornell University).
Second impact syndrome occurs mostly in young athletes, particularly the ones under the age of 18. It usually arises when an individual sustains a concussion before recovering completely from a prior brain injury. The second concussion interrupts cerebral blood flow, subsequently triggering vascular engorgement, herniation of the brain, and increased ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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