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High Blood Pressure - Term Paper Example

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This paper shall discuss the different details involving this medical condition. It shall give a thorough description of the disease, including the current statistics of individuals High blood pressure is one of the most significant health issues plaguing most individuals past the age of 40. …
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High Blood Pressure
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High Blood Pressure

Download file to see previous pages... The term paper "High Blood Pressure" is being carried out in order to establish a thorough scientific assessment of this disease in the hope of improving the clinical practice. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (2011) describes high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, to be serious health issues which can cause various health problems, including coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure. Hypertension is basically the increased pressure of the blood flowing through the arterial walls. As the pressure increases and is sustained at such pressure for a prolonged period of time, it can cause damage to arterial walls (NHLBI, 2011a). Blood pressure normally refers to the pressure or the force of blood as it flows through the arteries to be circulated to the different parts of the body (Centers for Disease Control, 2010). This pressure normally increases and decreases at different parts of the day, based on an individual’s activities. Normal exertion can cause it to increase, and at rest, the pressure decreases. But a constantly high pressure can lead to damage to the arterial walls. Its symptoms, however, may not be apparent for most people, especially at the beginning of the disease. However, when it finally manifests, it can prove to be fatal and highly devastating to a person’s general well-being (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). Blood pressure is evaluated by one’s systolic and diastolic pressures (NHLBI, 2011a). Systole is the pressure of the blood as it pumps blood and diastole is the pressure of the blood as the heart is at its resting state (NHLBI, 2011a). The unit of measurement is in millimeter mercury or mmHG and usually measured through the sphygmomanometer. The normal blood pressure for adults is a systolic pressure of less than 120 and a diastolic BP of less than 80. Prehypertension manifests at a range of 120-139 (systole) to 80-89 (diastole) (NHLBI, 2011a). Stage 1 high blood pressure manifests a systolic BP of 140-159 and a diastolic BP of 90-99; and stage 2 hypertension is a BP of 160/100 or higher (NHLBI, 2011a). Blood pressure above 120/80 mmHG implies an increased risk for heart disease and for future occurrence of hypertension as a medical problem. If this remains constant or unaddressed, the future onset of hypertension would be highly likely. Once this disease is diagnosed in a person, it will already become a lifetime disease which would need constant control and management. Everyone is at risk for this disease, however, it is a higher risk among older people due to the natural process of aging and the wear and tear that their body has gone through (Food and Drug Administration, 2007). For African-Americans, people above the age of 55, individuals with a family history of high blood pressure, those who are overweight, those who do not exercise, those who have a high salt intake, those who smoke, and those who drink alcohol heavily, the risk is of being diagnosed with hypertension as compared to the general population is much higher. Although this disease has usually no signs or symptoms, some patients with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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