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Professional Research And Study Skills - Essay Example

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Professional Research and Study Skills The National Health Services (NHS) has established various elements of clinical governance, and these elements include: education, clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, risk management, research and development, and openness [1]…
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Professional Research And Study Skills
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Extract of sample "Professional Research And Study Skills"

Download file to see previous pages Clinical audit has also been established as a means of reviewing clinical performance, measuring this performance against the agreed standards. This audit has been carried out among NHS Trust employees, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Medical Audit Advisory Groups have been assigned to carry out such audits in primary care [1]. Clinical effectiveness has been implemented by measuring the efficacy of an implementation via evidenced-based practice. This has been apparent through research and patient-centred interventions. Risk management has also been secured through the implementation of statutory rules for the reduction of risk posed on patients. Regulations include the Data Protection Act and the Medicines, Control Agency approval, among others [1]. Research and development has also been made the basis for interventions and clinical practice. Moreover, research and development has found widespread practice through evidence-based care. Finally, openness has been implemented in order to submit to public scrutiny and to justify actions and interventions within the clinical practice [1]. In relation to research governance, the National Health Services, as well as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has played an important role in ensuring that employment, ethics, information, science, and finance have been linked and coordinated with each other. Since 2001, the NHS has been setting-up an implementation plan for research governance in the UK. In 2001, the NHS checked the different systems for ethical approval and permission from the NHS individual bodies [2]. The NICE and the NSFs have set-up service guidelines in the hope of improving the quality of health care and for the NSFs to “develop national guidelines for organisations and individuals to put into action locally” [3]. In these instances, all individuals who work within the NICE and NSF framework is responsible for securing clinical governance. In 2002, the NHS was concerned with building local implementation plans to govern research. It was followed by a network of research management primary care trusts in April 2003 [2]. In April 2004, the NHS then established that research studies involving patients, including their tissues, organs, or other significant data may be commenced or continued without their sponsor admitting responsibility for the same [2]. Finally, on April 2004, research governance was established as a control assurance standard. It was now incorporated into the NHS risk management and referenced into CHI at the health authority level [2]. The Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory Agency (MHRA) has also established standards for research governance and in recent years have ensured that these standards would be implemented. They have established standards in ensuring that medicines and other medical devices work and that they are also safe [4]. They have recognized the fact that there are always risks involved with each product used, and in order to reduce such risks, fact-based judgments have been required on each product. This agency has therefore reviewed products and devices, including the research behind these products in order to eliminate the negative impact of these products [4]. This agency has also made the information on the research and the medical products available to the general public. These actions have made it possible for the public and health professionals to discuss the problems with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Professional Research And Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Professional Research And Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Professional Research And Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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