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The Creation, Development, History and Organizational Structure of Public Health - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Course Date The Creation, Development, History and Organizational Structure of Public Health Introduction Public Health can be defined as the Science and Art of protecting and promoting health in communities. This can be done through education programs, conducting researches on how to prevent diseases and injuries, and promoting health lifestyles (Turnock 3)…
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The Creation, Development, History and Organizational Structure of Public Health
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Download file to see previous pages Again, the field of public health is comprised of a number of sub fields such as community health, environmental health, occupational health, to list but a few. This paper will in detail entail the history of public health, its creation, development, and organizational structure of public health. History of Public Health Archeological studies have revealed that Homo sapiens suffered from relatively similar diseases to the ones that the modern man suffers from. However, the Homo sapiens did not have a way to manage the diseases. Still in the prehistoric days, communities that existed did not have a way of dealing with the diseases that they suffered from. Following their beliefs that diseases were caused by supernatural forces, the communities created a group of specially trained people to intervene on their behalf to the spirits, begging them to save them from the wrath of acquiring the diseases (Turnock 14). This was somewhat an organized approach to managing the diseases, though very primitive. This later changed after a while when cities began to develop, replacing the ancient villages. From historical records, these cities especially in Rome and Asia were found to have had sewerage and water systems that have some slight similarities to systems used today. For instance, Cloaca Maxima, a central drain used in Ancient Rome is still used in Modern Rome. These new changes founded the beginning of Organized Public Health Systems. Further developments took place in Europe where large cities disappeared and were replaced by small villages. The disappearance of the large cities was a result of political and social instabilities that resulted from frequent wars experienced at the time. In these small villages, piped water services as well as, sewerage services were provided to the people. With time, bathing facilities, ventilators, and other sanitation amenities were also provided to the people. At that time, the Christianity religion had a number of followers in Europe and Rome. Monasteries that were used by missionaries at the time were also used as health facilities for people who were travelling or people who needed health care services. However, the health services offered at these monasteries was a bit back dated. Other hospices set up in places like Baghdad were fortunate enough to have better and advanced medicine and treatment approaches. During the Renaissance period, there was an outbreak of contagious diseases; leprosy and small pox. During this period, there were great strides of developments in the commerce, sciences, and politics of the day. Unfortunately these developments were not enough to deal with the epidemics that had spread from Europe to America, and even to some parts of Asia. Efforts to help manage the situation led to the creation of health boards whose main responsibility was to see to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Scientists, researchers, and physicians combined efforts to find the causes of various diseases, their treatment and how to prevent them. This marked the beginning of public health. The Creation of Public Health The official creation of public health system can be dated back to the Enlightenment period which lasted between 1750 to the 19th Century. During this peri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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