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Alcoholism and Human Development - Research Paper Example

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The present essay deals with the problem of alcoholism and its impact on human development. Nowadays alcoholism is a diagnosis among all layers of country’s populations and also one of the most problematic aspects due to its destructive consequences and complexity of treatment. …
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Alcoholism and Human Development
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"Alcoholism and Human Development"

Download file to see previous pages Nowadays alcoholism is quite common diagnosis among all layers of country’s populations and also one of the most problematic aspects due to its destructive consequences and complexity of treatment. According to National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiological Survey, during a period with an approximate duration of ten years a lifetime rate of alcohol use disorders rose by more than fifty per cent (Verges, Littlefield, and Sher 874). Alcoholism is one of the most serious problems of our generation. A lot of specialists compare urgency of this addiction with a scale of cancer or tuberculosis. The highest rate of alcohol consumption can be noticed in such states as Luxembourg, France and Ireland, meanwhile, the most shocking alcohol death rate totals in countries of the Third World. Statistical data shows that exactly alcohol abuse becomes a frequent reason for human’s premature death which is a result of heat attacks or car accidents. It is fair to say that alcoholism is psychological disease that causes degradation of personality and devaluation of moral principles. In spite of universally recognized negative influence of alcohol dependence, today alcohol occupies significant part of people’s social life and time-spending. Production of alcohol beverages continues to extend its output because such business brings wide popularity of proposed products, great demand and high profitability which is the key factor for modern entrepreneurs. Today people drink alcohol not only on special occasions and holidays, but more often in day-to-day life, working out a habit and real addiction. Burnam, Benjamin and Wells define several common...
There are several main factors that influence on person’s predisposition to alcoholism. The first aspect is personality, breeding and behavior that form attitude to addictions and work out self-control and ability to overcome anxiety and depression. Secondly, family dynamics is responsible for underage alcohol use. Hence, creating irrelevant environment within family’s life may cause considerable risk of child’s drinking alcohol if case if parents show negative example to a kid. As Masten, Faden, Zucker, and Spear state the fact that the most popular age for alcohol abuse is 12-14 years (6), which defines a lack of proper breeding and education from parents’ side. The third factor that plays initial role in alcohol disposition is genes that can transmit propensity for alcoholism by heredity. Culture, environment, circle of friends are able to affect human’s views and decisions, even if genetically a person does not have a positive deposition to alcoholism. Also, forming gaps in maturity, brain development can affect aging boundaries of the first alcohol experience that influences on perception and future attitude to addiction. In addition, disparities in sensitivity to alcohol may cause acceptance or rejection of alcohol drinks in different people. And the final factor of predisposition to alcoholism can be considered personal preferences and attitude to alcohol. Hence, not all people like the state of intoxication. Many individuals prefer to control the situation where ever they are, however, alcohol impedes this, making a person relaxed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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