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Homeopathic Medicine - Alternative Medicine - Essay Example

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Homeopathic Medicine – Alternative Medicine Homeopathy had its origins in the later part of the 18th century and developed mainly in the 1800's. Around those times only scientific advances were seen in various fields including the fields that are related to medicine like chemistry…
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Homeopathic Medicine - Alternative Medicine
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Download file to see previous pages Although he himself was a physician with a degree in Medicine, the faults of the allopathic system only ‘circulated’ in Hahnemann’s mind. So, he started to write many critical papers on the negative effects of the allopathic system, raising awareness about it. Apart the written literature, he started to conduct experiments which brought out some of the fallacies of the existing system and thereby originated new treatment concepts, which was only formalized into homeopathy. He advocated that the dosage of medicines should be reduced to most minimal levels. Hahnemann compiled all these results into a specialized treatise called the Organon of rational therapeutics, publishing it in 1810. Further editions of the book came out successively with the ‘latest’ sixth edition, published in 1921, still being considered as homeopathy's basic text. Basic Concepts of Homeopathy The basic concept behind diseases in Homeopathic treatment is it is caused due to the disturbances in the flow of an ‘invisible’ vital force. Homeopathy states, if this vital force flowing in the body is disturbed or diverted, it will manifest itself in the form of the symptoms of the diseases. The other hypothesis of Homeopathy is that, there will be disturbance in the flow of vital force and body will be susceptible to diseases, when the mind is in a ‘negative’ state. ...
ey can be congenital or latent, until some negative experience or normal aging trigger their appearance as a symptom and then as disease” (“Cause of Disease”). The treatment for this miasms should be in ‘tune’ with them. That is, Hahnemann had stated that the treatment for the diseases can be carried out not by opposing the disease’s action, but by correcting the vital force and blocking the miasm. For that, the “'principle of similar', expressed by Hahnemann as “similia similibus curentur” or 'let likes cure likes' can only be adopted” (Boericke). This principle states that if a drug or a substance, given to a group of ‘healthy’ individuals induces a set of symptoms similar to the symptoms of the actual diseases, which the drug can cure, then it can surely cure that disease. Thus, with the help of a “drug picture”, which was compiled by giving different drugs and substances to healthy persons and observing their reactions, all the diseases can be treated. Homeopathy follows the concept of “Law of Similars”, giving the basis for the use of the term homeopathy, which means “similar suffering”. Positive views about Homeopathy After the introduction and the development of Homeopathy in the initial years of 19th century, it created a major impact on medical treatment. Starting with the first specialized homeopathic hospital in Leipzig, homeopathy and its practitioners all over the world produced better results than their allopathic counterparts. The optimized results, which emerged due to the beneficial side of homeopathy when compared with the toxic and harmful nature of allopathic treatments, continued in the following centuries as well. Today, homeopathy is one of the famous alternative forms of medicine. About 3000 remedies or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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