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Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in Their Search for a Vaccine for Polio - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in Their Search for a Vaccine for Polio” the author compares Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin. Although Sabin tried opposed the use of Salk’s vaccine, we note that these men have many similarities that set them apart from other researchers…
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Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in Their Search for a Vaccine for Polio
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Extract of sample "Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in Their Search for a Vaccine for Polio"

Download file to see previous pages Sabin attended the New York University, where he received his medical degree before training in medicine, pathology, and surgery at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Sabin was involved in the research for preventive medicine in England, after which he joined the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. Sabin was specifically intrigued by research in infectious diseases. Notably, Salk was also interested in research, in viruses that caused infectious diseases while attending his medical school at the New York University, he was invited to investigate the virus that causes the flu i.e., influenza. Salk helped in developing the influenza vaccine during the Second World War (Smith p.23). Salk was appointed to the University of Pittsburgh Medical School where he worked alongside the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis. While working at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Salk assembled a team involving physicians, public health officers, and school teachers. For a period of eight years, this team immersed itself in the development of the polio vaccine; they were determined to find out the number of different polioviruses and develop a vaccine that effectively prevented polio infection without infecting the patient. In 1955, Salk’s years of research finally paid off when he formulated a vaccine derived from “killed” polioviruses (Smith p.35). ...
He then moved to Israel for a few years, but upon his return to the U.S, he joined the Medical University of South Carolina before moving to Washington, D.C where he became a resident at John. E. Fogarty International Center. With polio infections on an increase, Sabin sought a vaccine to prevent and destroy it. Sabin and a team of other researchers developed the oral vaccine which consisted of weakened polioviruses. The oral vaccine was tested at the Chillicothe Ohio Reformatory, where is sadly infected some patients. The research team perfected the vaccine, and it was subsequently tested on millions of people in the USSR, Eastern Europe, and Mexico among other nations. The oral vaccine was not widely accepted in the U.S as many preferred Salk’s “killed virus” vaccine to Sabin’s live vaccine (Foroud p.54). Further research proved that Salk’s vaccine was only effective in mitigating the complications associated with polio, but the patients were still at risk of infection. On the other hand, Sabin’s oral vaccine was proved effective in infection prevention and in mitigating the complications of the disease. Sabin’s vaccine was developed to concentrate in the intestines, as during his research Sabin realized that the polio virus multiplied and attacked from the intestines. Whereas Salk’s vaccine was particularly used in the U.S where the polio epidemic was almost eradicated, Sabin’s oral vaccine was commonly used on the severely infected Japanese community through Sabin’s partnership with the USSR. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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