Lasik Eye Surgery in Sports: The 20/20 Vision - Research Paper Example

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Name Name of Professor Lasik Eye Surgery in Sports: The 20/20 Vision Sports, such as swimming, archery, cricket, baseball, badminton, and football, necessitate good eye and foot or eye and hand dexterity or co-ordination. Laser eye surgery, like LASIK, is currently fulfilling a vital function in the growth of these sports…
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Lasik Eye Surgery in Sports: The 20/20 Vision
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Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, laser eye surgery methods are quite sophisticated they can provide excellent vision, better than 20/20. Yet, it is the contention of this paper that 20/20 vision is indeed the perfect vision attainable. The most dreaded result of LASIK is a reduction in optimal vision, which is referred to as the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), or at times best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (BSCVA). Simply put, if a person can be remedied to 20/20 with contact lenses or glasses prior to LASIK, s/he would want to be improved by 20/20 as a minimum after the surgery, if LASIK fails of providing him/her 20/20 unimproved vision (Croes 2011, para 25). For instance, if a player has 20/200 unimproved vision prior to the surgery and see 20/20 with glasses or contact lenses, afterward sees 20/40 unimproved following the surgery but can only be remedied to just 20/25 with glasses or contact lenses, s/he has decreased by one BCVA line on a typical eye chart (Croes 2011, para 25-26). ...
In an important paper posted on the website of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, LASIK researches made public since 2000 were assessed with these outcomes revealed (Croes 2011, para 34-36): (1) In a detailed analysis of all 64 studies, a median of 92 percent of eyes with myopia or myopic astigmatism achieved a correction within 2.0 diopters of target. Results were better for eyes with low or moderate myopia, compared with high myopia. (2) In 22 studies of outcomes involving people with low to high levels of myopia, a median of 94 percent of eyes achieved 20/40 or better vision after surgery and did not require correction with glasses or contact lenses (uncorrected visual acuity or UCVA). A median of 99 percent of people with low to moderate levels of myopia had 20/40 or better UCVA, and a median of 89 percent of people with high myopia had the same result. (3) In these same studies, outcomes for people with hyperopia also were examined. Results showed that a median of 88 percent of eyes with hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism achieved correction within 1.0 diopter of target, resulting in at least 20/40 UCVA. Still, according to Croes (2011), as stated in an important review of scientific scholarship publicized in 2008 by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, global levels of satisfaction among patients of LASIK is almost 100%. A number of investigations keep on demonstrating a minor inclination toward improved LASIK results if a player does not need a significant level of improvement—for instance, if s/he is slightly myopic or nearsighted in contrast to highly myopic. Nonetheless, players who are at ease with their contact lenses or glasses yet desires laser surgery should weigh up their decision carefully. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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