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Reversing Age by the Power of Healthier Substitutes to Gene Technology - Essay Example


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Reversing Age by the Power of Healthier Substitutes to Gene Technology

But who wants to age rapidly in the modern world whose general encounter with advancements in the field of applied science has equally sought innovative solution to reverse ageing and still pose threat through emissions of radiation and pollution? While it is of ample interest to find out that research studies have been able to determine the chief cause of ageing and the technology-based remedies thereof, the essence of natural alternatives must be realized. To a greater extent, the methods utilized for the purpose of countering the rapidity of age as it proceeds can greatly impact overall health. In this regard, one might not help considering specific cases of prominent Hollywood figures, for instance, who manage to have preserved their seemingly ageless physical beauties by being capable of locating proper balance upon combined lifestyles. Adhering both to naturally derived solutions and those constituted in technologically-enhanced synthetic approach are typically a matter of knowing the proportions between the two. Come to think of the celebrities at their prime such as Sophia Loren and Kim Cattrall and the kind of healthy sound living they have maintained to defy age and reflect youthful radiance despite old age. Through them, there is evidently a significant deal of believing in the wonders of scientific progress yet with further value and respect for the discipline with the natural means of keeping the quality of safe health toward wellness and beauty. The proposition that age reversal

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may be effected via innovations made with gene technology is based on the discovery that an internal enzyme of the body known as ‘arNox’ is primarily in control of the ageing process. This enzyme is scientifically claimed to have facilitated generation of lines and wrinkles as normal signs of skin ageing. Such findings have led genetic scientists to concretize a technology which under high feasibility would halt enzyme activities and enable genes to reboot biochemical conditions for ageing to acquire the property of becoming reversible. Since in this aspect of study, genetic research demonstrates ageing as a function of internal bodily components, anti-aging industries have aligned their objectives with gene technology thereby adopting a system that would monitor gene details and make necessary corrections to human genetic environment. This concept, however, with some degree of disadvantage bears a limiting focus on technological application and does not quite exhibit inclination to account for nutrition and safety from possible side-effects in the near future. Consequently, people should understand that some of the medical procedures and products used for age reversal may not suit their psychological and pre-existing state of health. Medical resources for age reversal technology may unpredictably undergo the risk of scarcity and affect the economy with burdening costs. Therefore, it is just about time for people to necessitate exploring other medical options that are widely available, safer, economical, and more natural. Prior to this though, they must be thoroughly informed and reoriented with the fundamental medical facts concerning aesthetic treatments and health and security altogether. First, it is highly crucial to gain complete knowledge of the activities which speed up ageing such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohols, lack of sleep and exercise, excessive weight, constant stress, insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals,


Complete Name: Course: Title: Reversing Age by the Power of Healthier Substitutes to Gene Technology Isn’t it that not only majority of medical health and wellness experts but even the non-processionals who simply share public opinion on health issues would advice that ‘prevention is better than cure’?…
Reversing Age by the Power of Healthier Substitutes to Gene Technology
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