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Voluntary euthanasia - Essay Example

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Voluntary уuthanasia is morally accepted if five individual conditions are met . (Young 2010) Respect of final demands is a sign of self determination or cerebral competence. People have a general concept in how they see their last days…
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Voluntary euthanasia

Download file to see previous pages... Voluntary Euthanasia is morally accepted if five individual conditions are met . (Young 2010) Respect of final demands is a sign of self determination or cerebral competence. People have a general concept in how they see their last days. Dying is shown as part of religion, as a day to day process to be respected and worshiped. End of life decisions are a time of taking responsibility. James Rachels considers euthanasia morally incorrect.(Rachels 1999) Callahan considers that the patient ,who was considering Euthanasia , wasn't possible able to make his decision with self determination; therefore euthanasia would be one person taking control of the life of another person, thus murder too. The author would like to confer with both these men. Euthanasia is not morally correct to a moral society In both Rachels' and Callahan's opinion, it is never morally correct to give such omnipotent power to another individual in order to make such a detrimental decision. If the line is crossed, other forms of Euthanasia will become part of the Social norms. The essay will establish the 5 conditions necessary in order to perform voluntary Euthanasia then they will be refuted using the arguments by Rachels and Callahan. The author will conclude by explaining the moral implication of approving of the role of the "Master Doer" of Euthanasia, it will open the door to all other forms as we have seen in history. Euthanasia is the taking of another person's life when she cannot do so herself. It differs from " assisted suicide" as the person is not in the physical condition to administer the drugs to kill herself directly. According to those countries which have voted voluntary Euthanasia, five conditions must be fulfilled: 1)The personal must be terminally ill with no hopes of recovery. 2)She will not benefit from any "miracle cure" as her illness is too advanced. 3)"The pain has become too intolerable." This has been quoted directly as the phrase itself is highly subjective. Or life has become such a burden which has been defined as a form of suffering as she cannot live without the assistance of life support machines. 4)The person has expressed a competent and voluntary desire to die or if she has lost the ability, there is an existing will or testimony that was drawn up expressing this wish. 5)The last condition is not being able to commit suicide without the assistance of outside help. (Young 2010) These conditions were based on the principle of autonomy, competences or self determination.(Young 2010). It had been previously established that the decision was made on the premise that the person had been competent, self determined and autonomous at the time of making the decision. Daniel Callahan expresses his disagreement. Self determination implies that the self determines her own individual outcome without involving the help or assistance of another being. (Callahan 1992) Euthanasia implies the need of a second person. In the case of Euthanasia, it would not be morally correct to involve a second person. Just in having the need of the doctor or another individual to administer the drug to commit the act gives too much power over another individual in which he has no right. "The patient is soliciting the moral and physical assistance of another individual".(Callahan 1992) He has lost the right or ability of self determination and given the power to kill himself to another person. The power to kill is morally wrong. (Callahan 1992 p52) Medicine has in its own right, an obligation to maintain life and not to take it away. The function of maintaining life is the physical or biological aspect of life only.(Callahan p52) The medical profession cannot determine the emotional or psychological burden of suffering or being on life support. There is no morality involved. They are mechanics of the trade. The words 'burden' and 'suffering' are relative and subjective to the person. Each person's level of suffering differs according to his environment, culture and background. His tolerance level will not be the same as another person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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She wanted a dignified death for herself. Owing to the distressful life she was leading where her words could only be interpreted as grunts, she along with her husband filed a petition in the court to prevent Brian, her husband from any prosecution if he assisted her in committing suicide.
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