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Flu Factories - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Flu Factories" is focused on the story "Flu Factories" written by Helen Branswell which concerns the wretched state of the surveillance system regarding viruses related with pigs in the United States of America…
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Flu Factories
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Extract of sample "Flu Factories"

Download file to see previous pages The proof of evolution in these viruses can be found through the spotting of H3N2 virus in 1998 when herds from states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Texas were detected with the same. After that many other variations like other versions of H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, and H2N3 have been found. Adding to the agony antibody to H2 family of viruses are absent in present breed of pigs and scientists considers that H2 is will create future maladies. The concern on this new problem got diverted once the dangerous bird flu that had done havoc on human and poultry life struck the world and got the majority of scientists busy with their research on that. Ironically the country namely USA that pushed other countries to reveal exact data on H5N1 outbreaks carried on with its data scarcity regarding the surveillance data on pigs. According to Guan and Peiris, the present situation regarding swine influenza is far from being consoling. The data is gathered by the pork producers and pig farmers but seldom shared with the researchers. The labs look after the interest of the producers and farmers rather than anyone else. Often a new type of virus, if found, makes its way to scientific literature but no less than years after its first detection and by the time the concerned group of pigs might have made their way to the slaughterhouse. This makes further monitoring or testing impossible. Even after successive assurance from the researchers to the producers to keep their identity anonymous little response has been received. However whatever little help came from the producers would have otherwise been not present. Researchers like Cox and Webby all have experienced the same. In recent times online database like GenBank and GISAID are storing genetic sequence of viruses that belong in pigs but they are far less than what is required to maintain a viable diversified data base of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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