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Abortion: there two sides to every story - Essay Example

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Being pro-abortion or anti-abortion are two completely different positions that are present in people.The difference of opinion on this matter arises from the different positions people have in concern to when a live comes into being in a pregnancy cycle…
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Abortion: there two sides to every story
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Extract of sample "Abortion: there two sides to every story"

and Section # of Abortion Abortion is a controversial area of medicine. Being pro-abortion or anti-abortion are two completely different positions that are present in people. The difference of opinion on this matter arises from the different positions people have in concern to when a live comes into being in a pregnancy cycle. For some people, it is very important to understand that all procreation is done, without killing any human being intentionally, even if the tiniest part of it exists. Others believe in the termination as they feel at that point in time, there is no existence of actual life and therefore they are actually creating no harm to procreation and life. These stances are attributed to either a personal opinion or the presence of irrefutable facts. The idea is to understand which factor is what and gauge the situation accordingly (James, 1997). The question of when there is life present in a foetus is reason for the disagreement between people. Some believe that it is when the egg meets the sperm; others believe that it is when it starts to develop. Some even believe that until the third-trimester starts, it is not alive. For a person to reach on a position on this issue, one has to debate and realize when he/she believes that a person is born. However, regardless of the point at which there is life inside a body, the mother of the foetus should have all the rights to decide about the future of the little being that is to be brought to this world by that woman. It is through that woman that the foetus will nurture, stages are stages until it comes into this world. Therefore, the carrier of the baby for nine months should have a proper say in its fate. The circumstances, the issues, the questions and the answers would vary and can be debatable. The reasons provided by the carrier of the child might be futile and unintelligent to one person; they might make the most sense to the other person at that time. Therefore, that person should take care and decide whether they want an abortion or they want to keep the child to term. Getting an abortion is more of a well-thought decision that a person might take. It takes a lot of personal energy and effort to even think about something as saintly as a baby and terminating it before it is even born. It is a decision most of the people do not take lightly; therefore the decision should be respected. To be pro-life and bring a baby into this world that is mentally challenged, severely challenged physically or mentally; in cases where existence in this world is a burden for the child as well as the family, is actually torture in the eyes of many including myself. We are the fortunate ones who are able to function properly; the parents of the children who are suspected to have such issues should be given all the right to termination of their pregnancy, without second guessing and judging. They are doing a favour to the little angel they were bringing to life (National right to life news, 1997) If the mother’s life is in danger, abortion should be done by the mother’s consent. It should not be left for the government and law makers to decide the well being of a child two people are thinking of bringing into this world or keeping it away from this world. They can decide better if they can take care of the little child or not. A startling fact related to abortion is that almost 24% of all total pregnancies end up in being aborted. Half of the aborted pregnancies are unintended and hence result this way. There is a serious issue hidden in these facts. Unintended pregnancies can result at any age and under any circumstances. The father of the child may have left or is unwilling to take care of the child or any responsibility; the mother can be a teenage and the pregnancy can leave her in a financial turmoil. The worst scenario is getting pregnant due to a rape; there have been instances when women have been denied such a facility in countries without abortion laws that has destroyed their lives and made them commit suicide. Therefore, it is highly important to consider the circumstances under which the action is being taken. In this world of black and white, there is a grey area that needs to be acknowledged by both the defending sides (Linda, 2010). All in all, it is wise to make sure that such a decision is not a hasty one and is well thought, it is the right of the parents, especially the carrying half, to decide about the fate and no one should judge them on that. Works Cited Bowers, J. Pro-Choice and Anti-abortion. Greenwood publishing corp. (8th March, 2011) Linda Lowen. “Abortion Facts”. 8th March 2011. National right to life news/Christian Life Resources. “Arguments of Pro-abortion”. 8th March, 2011. Read More
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