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Outline Summary of Texas Children’s Hospital Executive summary Organization Information Electronic Medical record (EMR) Reasons for the development Needs assessment EMR management and location End users involvement Security and privacy issues Funding for EMR Planned or unplanned downtime Effect of health care reform and related legislation on EMR Innovative Aspects of the System Utilize technological innovations Evidence-based practice References Summary of Texas Children’s Hospital Texas Children’s Hospital located in Houston in the Texas Medical center is one of the country’s biggest freestanding pediatric hospitals…
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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, the facility was one of the only 12 hospitals countrywide to make its Honor Roll in 2012. The hospital also boasts of having the first Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for children called Texas Children’s Health Plan in the county. I plan to interview a number of individuals from the facility regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and they include Mark Wallace- President and chief executive officer, Charles Fraser - Surgeon-in-Chief, Shannon McCord-Director of patient service, Mona Jaimee Westfall-Nurse leader, Jessica Emerald- Sergion, and Jennifer Yborra-Billing staff. I am planning to conduct a personal face-to-face interview with the above named persons in order to gain their perspectives about the organizations EMR. In other words, my aim is to analyze Texas Children’s Hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) considering that it is one of the major hospitals in the country with EMR. EMR was of interest to me because it is the dominant clinical computing issue in the entire healthcare industry presently. This is due to a number of reasons key among them being the way it has revolutionized patient care and the involvement of the federal government. Executive summary No one can imagine what the future holds for the healthcare industry especially with the trending influence of digital technologies. For instance, currently the entire healthcare industry is engulfed in the issue of digitalizing medical records compared to other medical computing issues. Comprehensive and up to date is not only important for medical purposes but also for strategic planning. Healthcare institutions can effectively use well-documented patient data to map their progress and establish desired achievements. Electronic Medical Records have revolutionized the workflow of various healthcare operators especially with regard to handling of patient records and many more medical facilities across the globe are in the mad rush to adopt EMR to improve efficiency, and safety of care. In the united states the federal government has made it mandatory for healthcare organization to adopt by a particular date (2016) while those facilities and practice demonstrate effective use of EMR are offered some monetary incentives. Texas Children's Hospital made tremendous effort in adopting EMR and a number of reasons motivated the hospitals decision key among them being need to cut high cost of record handling, increased patient participation and safe patient care, support medical research, reduction of medical errors, as well as provision up-to-date clinical information. Other reasons include the need for sharing of patient records, as well as easier and faster access to records. However, before identifying these needs the management of the hospital involved the entire organization in a needs assessment whereby the organization was able to identify its current problems and a comparison was made to desire outcomes. All stakeholders to an EMR ranging from the management team, administrators, billing staff, physicians to clinical technicians were involved in a series of interviews and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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