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Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implant Dentistry - Dissertation Example

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Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implant Dentistry
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Download file to see previous pages Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implant Dentistry Table of Contents Chapter No…… Particulars ………………………………………………………………………………… Page No… Abstract 3 Chapter No 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Aims And Objectives 4 1.2 Research Methodology 5 1.2.1 Type of Study 5 1.2.2 Research methodology 6 1.5 Dissertation Structure 6 2.0 Literature Review 7 2.1 Anchorage And Esthetics For Implant Placement 7 2.1.1 Relative Ridge Augmentation And Absolute Ridge Augmentation. ...
In ancient days there was no apt alternative to tooth loss. Replacement of lost tooth has been endeavour of the dental medicine for several decades. Placement of an implant at the site of lost tooth is one method of tooth restoration. Implant dentistry as the process is called has undergone numerous improvements over the years. This dissertation has reviewed the factors associated with tooth replacement, most important among which is the “soft tissue augmentation” around the site of lost tooth. Without adequate augmentation of the soft tissue, esthetics in the peri-implant site cannot be guaranteed. This dissertation explains about the normal esthetic consideration during an implant placement, maintaining the esthetic value after the treatment and preserving the esthetic outcome over a long period of time. It also explains the various surgical techniques performed for soft tissue integration. Surgical techniques are implemented to improve the soft tissue defects present prior to the implant placement in order to establish a stable dentogingival unit and are also done after implant placement to improve the esthetics. The review of literature also included review of selected randomized control trials with the aim and objectives of examining the benefits and techniques of soft tissue augmentation and examining whether and when management and augmentation procedures are necessary in general and arriving at the most effective management and technique to augment soft tissues in particular. Review of randomized control trials shows that each case is unique and therefore there can be no single best method as “one size fits all” Rather treatment is based on the individual esthetics, soft tissue defect, underlying hard tissue defect, materials used and patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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