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Medical Tourism in Dubai - Research Paper Example

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The paper examines the cardiac care in the American Hospital Dubai from the perspective of medical tourism as well as the care given to local population. The use of the hospital by both local and foreign patients is examined for equity, efficiency, and effectiveness for cardiac care…
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Medical Tourism in Dubai
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Extract of sample "Medical Tourism in Dubai"

Download file to see previous pages The research “Medical Tourism in Dubai” discovers the level and quality of care that is in the cardiovascular unit, the Heart Center, found at the American Hospital Dubai. Death in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) comes most often from cardiovascular illness than any other cause. Although it is the leading cause of death in the nation, only 28% of all deaths come from cardiovascular illness, which is much lower than the rest of the world where worldwide statistics are 48% in the industrialized nations. With the level of cardiovascular disease being the highest form of death in the nation, evaluating programs for cardiovascular care is essential in understanding the strengths and gaps that are occurring within care. Stolley and Watson (2012) list the United Arab Emirates as a medical tourism destination for cardiovascular care. Americans stated in a poll asking the question if they would travel to a foreign nation in order to get better care that they would 88%. Medical tourism is a planned travel that is defined by procedures rather than by the destination. Dubai was the first region in the Arab states to have a hospital accredited for medical tourism by the JCI. Among the now 35 facilities is the American Hospital Dubai Oud located in Dubai in the UAE. The American Hospital Dubai serves the people of the United Arab Emirates, the surrounding Gulf nations, and those who are willing to travel to the UAE in order to have their medical care taken care of at an affordable, yet state of the art facility. The hospital was designed with American standards of healthcare in mind and is operated through the perspective of American medical care. The physicians are all North American Board certified or have been qualified through parallel forms of education and training programs. The American Hospital Dubai is the first hospital that was accredited by the JCI and in 2012 they were reaccredited for the fifth time (Medical Tourism, 2013). There are several different services that can be purchased at the hospital. These include not only the cardiovascular services, but an obesity clinic which does bariatric surgery, Cochlear implant services, and total joint replacement services. The cardiac services include most necessary procedures for the heart including angioplasty and bypass surgery with access to robotic cardiac surgery through the Da Vinci Surgical System (American Hospital Dubai, 2013). The costs of an average bypass surgery in the United States is about 100,000 dollars, but can be purchased in the UAE for about 15,000-18,000 dollars, US which includes travel expenses. The following paper will examine the cardiac care in the American Hospital Dubai from the perspective of medical tourism. The paper will examine medical tourism to the hospital as well as the care given to local population. The health care system will be examined in order to determine equity, while the use of the hospital by both local and foreign patients will be examined for equity, efficiency, and effectiveness for cardiac care. Through an examination that is made from analyzing secondary research, the hospital cardiac unit will be evaluated. Aims and Objectives The aim of this paper is to evaluate the cardiovascular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Medical Tourism in Dubai Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words”, n.d.
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ukshlerin added comment 1 year ago
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "Medical Tourism in Dubai" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of resources was valuable.

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